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who needs a twist?

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posted Wednesday, 27 July 2011

....the HGs are "shaking things up" all on their own. It all started when Kalia tried to have a talk with Brendon. I missed exactly what got them started, but it quickly escalated into a screaming match. As I understand it, Kalia was trying to figure out why she's the victim of Jeff's wrath when it was someone else who was behind the the Kill Jeff plan. Brendon calls her a floater and she flips out.


She storms into the house and next thing you know she's screaming at Jordan and, somewhat oddly, Dominic. I think they just happened to be the ones within the sound of her voice, not necessarily that she was particularly targeting them. Jeff comes in and it ratchets up a notch, Kalia demanding to know why Jeff's so mad at her. He tells her she lied, which she adamantly denies. Her position is that it wasn't a lie to not explicitedly tell him that a Kill Jeff plan existed--all she ever said was that he wasn't in "danger." She's claiming that she was 100% sure Brenchel would never consider backdooring Jeff.


Jordan suggests they all gather in the kitchen and air everything out. Not everyone joins in from the get-go, but before long they're all there. There's a lot of rehashing of who knew what and when, and a lot of discussing Daniele without actually saying "Daniele." After a few minutes of this Dani herself makes an appearance. The volume of the conversation was such that she'd heard everything, but she'd been out of sight. She enters the conversation by calling Rachel an idiot. She admits she did suggest Kill Jeff, but only after hearing it from all around the house. She also said that her reason for going with it was that he was the biggest threat to her in the game. He's not particularly buying that.


Dominic brings up how every single newbie has been promised they have a deal with the re-runs, saying they've all been promised Final 6, and obviously that's mathematically impossible so the re-runs are clearly lying to most if not all of them. This starts a new round of shouting as the re-runs all try to explain that a deal from 1 doesn't necessarily mean a deal from all (e.g. if Jordan told Kalia they had a deal that doesn't mean Rachel agreed to it), and that they were pretty careful about not offering "Final X" deals, just saying let's get to next week, or let's get to jury, or whatever.


Dominic then asks the newbies as a group why they didn't all just stick together from the beginning. His point is that if 2 of them hadn't flipped on the week 1 vote they'd be a stronger force against the re-runs. Of course, this isn't going to speak to Porsche. It also sets Shelly off when Dom accuses her of lying, saying she told him she was voting to keep Keith. She says she did no such thing; that he just assumed she was voting to keep Keith, and she didn't contradict him. Shelly's pretty careful about this stuff, so I tend to believe her.


Porsche also gets thrown into the mix, when Rachel confronts Daniele about telling her that Porsche was targeting Brenchel. Porsche's response was basically "I did what now?" Daniele admits that she only heard it second hand, and Porsche clarifies that what she actually said was something along the lines of obviously someone was going to have nominate Brenchel at some point in the game.


Eventually the meeting breaks up, though nothing is really resolved. Next thing I know Daniele's in the have-not room telling Dom that Shelly said she was voting to keep him. If this actually happened, I missed it, but a few minutes later Shelly stops in and joins a convo with Dani/Dom/Kalia/Lawon where it does sound like she's now on-board with Operation: Save Dom. She does point out that they need Porsche too and they all start plotting on how to sway her.


This turn of events has Daniele more chipper than we've seen her in days. There's actually hope that Dom might stay. But just when we're all wondering what's going on with Shelly, she pulls Jordan aside and tells her everything. She wants a promise from JeJo that they'll stay with her over Brenchel, which Jordan gives her. Later Jeff tells Jordan he's not going to promise anything, but it seems like Shelly's comfortable with her position.


Plan: Pull Porsche is put into action next. They send Shelly to talk to her, to appeal as the "mom." Shelly says she will, though we know it won't get them anything (and as of now, nothing's happened). Tact 2 is to play on the fact that Porsche is an official Friend of Janelle. At this point everyone knows this, but their plan is to play dumb and say things like "remember Janelle from season 6? You could be just like her....make a big game move. What would Janie do?" I haven't seen this actually be put into action yet, and I'd love to see Porsche's reaction if it is. Playing dumb is, well, dumb. Obviously she knows whom she's friends with.


Kalia's also been trying to chat up Porsche and it's been pretty funny watching K chase P around the house. At one point, Porsche ducks into the gypsy room to hide and tells Jordan about how suddenly all these people who haven't given her the time of day for the last 2 weeks now want to be her best friend. She's not biting.

So it's still looking like Dom's outta there tomorrow, though BB will have plenty of misdirection fodder for the show. They're also on a 30 hour lockdown and we can expect a fight-to-the-death endurance comp. tomorrow. We've also been promised a twist, which hopefully will be something more than just the pairs spliting (that's hardly a twist, just an untwisting of the original twist). There's been lots of speculation that one of the first 3 evictees will be coming back, which seems distinctly possible. Could be an America's Vote, could be some kind of competition among them. As long as it's not another royal screwing of the fans by the prods. I personally think there might be some power associated with the 4th GK since it doesn't otherwise mean anything. But I've been wrong before. A lot.

dom adam


Lines of the Fight

Shelly: Perception is reality.
Jordan: That was one of my questions from Julie, about backdooring them (Brenchel).
Jeff (to Jordan): Stop talking. Eat something.
(he apologized to her later, and said that she was just spilling too much)
Daniele: Rachel, you're an idiot.
Porsche: I said that?
Adam: {thought bubble} If I stay quiet, I'll stay.....mmm, bacon.
Kalia: Shut up
Brendon: You got got!

Daily Dose of JeJo



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