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Jordan finds her voice

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posted Friday, 5 August 2011

I usually try to come up with a cute title or a witty little pun for my blog entries, but for today there is nothing else to say but Jordan finds her voice.


It actually started last night. After the liveshow she spent a lot of time comforting Rachel, and talking her up, trying to get her head in the game. She was also a little worked up about the HOH comp, and not being sure they could trust certain people. At the same time, she kept saying she feels good about this week because of the twist. She tells Rachel that if either she or Jeff go they are most likely coming back.

jeff ra

Then today the feeds come on after the H/HN comp and Jordan's in tears. I don't think I've ever seen her so upset and it only takes a minute to find out why. The H/HN comp had been one of the "drink gross things" style comp and JeJo/Rachel and Shelly lost. Jordan didn't really eat last week b/c she can't handle the slop and doesn't like fish. And this week the bonus foods are coconuts and catfish. She doesn't like coconut either (okay, the girl's a bit of a picky eater...on the other hand she hasn't complained too much about the food saying she can live on pickles) and another fish is the last thing she needs. But what's really got her going is that there were apparently some nasty words thrown around during the comp. Jordan keeps talking about how cocky Daniele is and she can't believe some comments she made during the comp. There's also some question about whether Shelly really tried to win, and something about candied yams.


And this is all before noms. The usual tours through HOH are going on but JeJo have decided not to play. They both think there's no point. Meanwhile, Kalia's upstairs telling Daniele that it's such a slap in the face that they won't come talk to her. Then Jeff gets called to the DR, he comes out and immediately grabs Jordan and says they're going upstairs. As they're walking through the house Jordan says everyone's up there and now's maybe not a good time, and he responds "they're doing this now" strongly implying that DR basically told him to get his butt up there.


Everyone is up there, so they have to kick a bunch of them out (for a second I thought co-HOH Dani was going to stay). Adam and Rachel are right outside the door playing chess. Jeff and Jordan sit down and get right to the point asking Kalia what she's thinking. She says she has a couple people in mind, and Jeff says something like "obviously Rachel, and...?" Kalia's talking about needing people who to fight for the veto so Rachel doesn't get it, and Jeff's giving her the "yeah, yeah, yeah" look and they ask who she wants up. She says "Rachel and you."


"Me?" Jeff asks, sounding slightly surprised, maybe just that she'd be that blunt. Then Jordan goes ballistic. She starts telling Kalia what a horrible plan that is to nominate 2 strong players. One is staying for sure, and if one wins the veto they could both stay, but even worse with the twist, whoever does go could well be bouncing right back in. Jordan tells her what she should do is nominate people who it won't matter if they come back because they won't be likely to destroy her. But someone like Jeff or Rachel? If she kicks them and they bounce back in they're coming straight for her. So she ends up with 2 big players after her. Jordan's absolutely right, it's a bad move for Kalia. However, it's great for us, the more drama, the better. Jordan yells a bit more and storms out.


Jeff gets up to follow her, but Kalia asks him to sit down. She's trying to convince him that she only wants to nom him to be sure he plays in the POV. It is some kind of logic, flawed logic, sure, but whatever. It's also utter bullpucky since Kalia and Dani have discussed the option of reviving operation Kill Jeff. Jeff tells her it doesn't matter, if she noms him, he's out for her blood. She says that was the case anyway, and he denies it. He claims he was going to target floaters and that Kalia and Daniele weren't on his list, but she is now. He rants a bit more and walks out telling her he'll see her at the POV.


Kalia sits alone with a look of deep contemplation for a few minutes and then gets called the DR. The feeds go to trivia, and I can't help but notice that the DR made sure JeJo were the last people to talk to Kalia before she made her noms. When they come back, everyone's nice and worked up. Kalia's speech was apparently full of zingers thrown at Rachel, and Jeff is on the warpath. Again, Jordan's being a lot more vocal than usual. She's not ranting and raving the way most of them do, she's just sayin'. This is why America loves Jordan. Even when she's mad, she's charming.


Kalia is up in HOH with Daniele, just kind of going over the nomination ceremony. Apparently Rachel went out of her way to try to make Daniele uncomfortable, sitting next to her, and cuddling up close. Then after the noms, following her around the kitchen with a silly grin on her face, basically being like the annoying kid sister or something. It sounds like it did get super awkward, to the point where Kalia actually threw out a comment about punching her. Meanwhile, they'd been given sharp knives to go with the coconuts, and just like the BB10 steak knives, production got a little worried.


Then all of a sudden Kalia bursts into tears and starts sobbing crying. For a second I actually thought she was laughing at the absurdity of everything going on, but no, it was a total meltdown. If she's like this now, man, there's bound to be great drama the rest of the week and especially if her evictee gets twisted right back into the game. Daniele does her best to comfort Kalia, telling her not to take the game too seriously but also acknowledging how hard that is. She talks about how different things are outside the house, mentioning again how she's now best friends with BB8 Eric, who said awful, personal things about her during their season. (I'd forgotten about how truly atrocious some of the things he said were when she first started mentioning him, but recently remember that he racked up a major foul count from me for what he said. The truth is, if Daniele can forgive him for all that, it proves what she keeps saying... who you are in the house, may not be who you are in real life.)


The rest of the evening continues to bring the drama. At one point Jeff questions Shelly about the food comp and she gets horribly offended and ends up crying in the gypsy room. Jordan goes in and talks to her, then sends Jeff in. He apologizes in his uniquely Jeff way. Shelly's claiming that any perceived disloyalty is actually loyalty. Her claim is that she's totally on Team JeJo, but she plays that down to the rest of them so they'll talk to her. The fact is if she really is completely loyal to JeJo, the problem she has is that she's playing the double-agent role too convincingly.

jord shel

They picked players for POV already, and are expecting an early call. There wasn't enough talk about who was picked; what we know for sure is Kalia/Rachel/Jeff and that Shelly and Jordan were picked, but Daniele was not. So the last player is one of Adam/Lawon/Porsche, but I've heard no clue on which one.



Lines of the Day

Jeff (to Kalia): Good luck to you in this game. I'll see you at the veto.
Jordan: They don't care that if she wins that you're going home.
Jordan: You just got 2 targets on your back if you put both of them up. I'm just sayin'
Jeff: Don't put me up and give me a bullshit line about you need me to win the veto b/c you've got someone in your ear. You're your own person, these are your people, there are no pictures of Daniele in here.
Jeff: They're fucking floating around in rafts, I'm drowning in here because everyone else hasn't done dick-shit.
Jeff: Odds are, this HOH means nothing.
Rachel: Who do she (Kalia) and Daniele think they are?
Jordan: Well, right now, we're the losers and they're running the house.
Rachel: Am I that intense?
Jeff: Rachel, you're fucking... they should write a book about you.
Jordan: Where are you going?
Rachel: Up to talk to her [Kalia].
Jordan: No! You're too mad, that's gonna be some drama.
Jeff: Whoa, what am I supposed to do?
Jordan: Rachel. You're a little crazy sometimes.
Rachel: I just want to make Daniele uncomfortable. She thinks she's so funny and she's going to be such a bitch, of course I'm going to sit next to her.
Jordan: Well, then spice it up. Make this an entertaining week. Entertain the livefeeders!
Kalia: There are only 2 reasons you come into someone's personal space: to fight them or to kiss them. She's not coming to kiss me.
Jeff: People are just taking naps all day. They're like 'what's for dinner? what are we cooking?' Dude, why don't you cook up a fucking veto? I wish I could be a floater and all I had to worry about was my next meal.
Shelly: we're good 100%
Jeff: make it 110%, should we make out?
Jeff: I can't take any more women crying. I can't even get mad for 10 minutes. I'm the one on the block!
Jordan: I have been pretty vocal. Normally I'm pretty quiet.
Jeff: Love, you're fired up. People are gonna be like 'Jeff brainwashed her.' I need you to... you're my rock in here.

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