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see you at the veto

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posted Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kalia said her plan in nom'ing Jeff was to make sure that he fought for the veto with a vengeance. When she first started talking to him about needing him to play in the veto, he assumed she meant that she would pick him if she got HG's choice and/or if he was playing he should fight hard for it and he was on board for that. But when she said she was going to nominate him he was taken aback (this was the impression I got, and he confirmed it today in a conversation with Jordan). There was the minor detail of what would happen to Jeff if Rachel won the veto, but, as Jordan said, Kalia didn't care about that.

jeff kalia

In any case, it worked. Jeff won the veto. The comp. involved a lot of running and something about a carrying a ball. There were lots of comments about people having "dropped the ball" and it took a bit to understand that they meant it literally. It sounds like it was Jeff's comp all around, though Adam (who was the 6th player I couldn't figure out yesterday) came in a very close second. Shelly got to play in her first veto comp, and apparently didn't do so well. I did hear a comment about her getting a call from home, though I wasn't sure if that was something she actually got from the comp or just a hypothetical. (Probably the latter; if it were real I think there would be more talk about it.)

adam shelly

So Jeff will be coming off the block and now the question is the repl-nom. Apparently at the nomination ceremony Jordan made a comment that Kalia shouldn't have even bothered putting her key in the box since she'll be the replacement soon enough. After the POV, Jordan said again that she's pretty sure she's getting pawned. Kalia's been telling everyone who will listen (and a few who won't) that she absolutely will not nominate Jordan. She also feels like this is her best way to regain some trust from JeJo. Actually, it won't help, but nom'ing Jordan would certainly hurt.

daniele jordan

Kalia obviously won't nominate Daniele, she says she can't bring herself to nom Shelly, and she's afraid Lawon would actually get kicked, so she's down to Porsche and Adam. Rachel and JeJo want Porsche to go up. They feel she "betrayed" them during the HOH comp, and they think they have a chance to sway a vote or two and maybe keep Rachel. This afternoon Rachel sat down for a pow-wow with Kalia and made a pitch that she nom someone whom Rachel has a chance against. She didn't name names, actually saying that she didn't know who it would be but Kalia should since people would tell her how they might vote. She also said that if Kalia noms the "right" person, even if Rachel gets kicked she won't hold it against Kalia if or when she comes back.

porsche lawon

Because coming back is the other big question. All they know is that Julie said there's a chance the person evicted this week could come back. Rachel and JeJo are convinced that if Rachel is evicted she will be coming back. I tend to agree... Rachel's just too much drama to lose.

rachel drama

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