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the producers reserve the right...

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posted Tuesday, 21 August 2007 change the rules at any time.

Fair's fair.  Or unfair, depending on how you look at it.  They say it up front.  It's their show. And they'll cry if they want to.  Or change the rules.

It's unclear exactly what's going on with Jen and the "penalty nom."  Latest indications are that she's been given some sort of penalty vote, meaning the 5 eligible HGs can vote how they wish, but there's one automatic vote to evict Jen as punishment for violating food restriction.  Late last night the thought in the house seemed to be that if she was going to be penalty nom'ed next week, it made sense to keep Jen, kick Jameka, throw HOH to Amber, let her nominate the topiary bunny and the stove (i.e. it really doesn't matter who she nom's b/c Jen goes home), then Amber can't play HOH the following week so she marches then.   If the prods wanted Jen to stay, all they had to do was keep quiet and let that plan move forward.  But it seems they've changed the "rules" (who knows if the pen. nom. was ever really defined as it's not been used before) and come up with the vote thing.  We may never know what's really going on.  They'll have to tell us something on the show on Thurs. but we surely won't get all the details.  Like why Jen is now saying she'll go to sequester. 

I've searched around for terms and conditions of America's Player, curious as to whether they would be completely within their rights to collect those $0.99 charges and just make up results.  I can find nowhere where they post any sort of information, so I'm pretty sure they could do whatever they want.  I'm not saying they are, just that they could.

Seems like it's time for a foul count.  So here goes....

Dick:  His rants are clearly effective.  Things like the pot-banging, the mocking, etc. are even pretty funny.  He does cross a line when he gets too obscene, and with the threats of violence.  I don't care if he's not really threatening those things, it's just not entertaining or good strategy.  Telling Kail she was going to do terrible in the veto comp. and making her so nervous she dropped her glass after 20 seconds was much more effective than telling Jen he's going to do something disgusting to her.  BB has told him to tone down the worst remarks, and he seems to be trying.  No foul for the basic ranting, but foul for the overly explicit comments

Tea-dumping.  I covered this when it happened by I say, no foul.  It just wasn't that bad.  If he'd thrown his cup at her, I'd cry foul, but everyone knows the drink in the face is a classic move.

Hiding stuff.  BB says it's fine.  No harm, no foul.

Burning Jen w/cigarette: No foul.  If he'd stuck it at her, yeah.  But she grabbed for it...not his fault.

Blowing smoke in Jen's face: No foul.  Like the tea, it was bad, but not over the line.  And the fact that he's usually very considerate and moves away when he know the smoke bothers someone, it's clear he did that only b/c of her behavior.

Hitting the counter with the golf club: No foul. The counter has very few rights.  And he didn't even hit it that hard.

Jen: Trashing the cigarettes.  They told her she could do it and they wouldn't be replaced.  Even though they've "revised" that rule saying destruction of property is banned, no foul on her part.

Eating.  Foul!!  It's a core rule of the game, causes trouble for other players.

Telling Jameka to eat too: double foul!  It's wrong for the same reasons as Jen's eating, and it's just trying to get Jameka in more trouble.

"Hitting" Dick: I'm not sure if she made contact or not, but either way, no foul.  She wasn't trying to hit him or hurt's akin to the tea-dump.

Eric: All the AP tasks:  No foul, no way.   People esp. keep bringing up the mustard on Jen's shirt as "destruction"...sorry people, mustard washes out.  The shirt is fine.  I didn't particularly like the task, and said it at the time, but it's still no foul.

Incest comments:     FOUL, FOUL, FOUL, FOUL!!!!!!!!  Disgusting lies, totally offensive to anyone who has ever suffered real abuse, and not a strategy move at all.  Probably the worst offense of BB8 in my book.

Threatening to tell Amber's "secret": Foul.  Would have been one thing if he threatened to reveal a lie she told in the game or just in the house, but to try to use her personal life as leverage in the game was wrong.

Amber: Racist comments.  Foul.  Embarrassing, ignorant, and horrible.  Second worst offense.

Producers:  All game manipulations: no foul.  It is their game.

There may be more, but the show is about to I'm off for now.  But count 'em up....who's the foulest hamster?  "Our" player...and all for stuff he's done of his own accord.  Things that make you go hmmmm..... 

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