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it's a bad sign...

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posted Wednesday, 22 August 2007

...when Amber is the voice of reason.

Daniele and Amber returned from their NY excursion late Tuesday night (super-late for us East Coasters), with strict instructions not to talk about what they did.  Which was just as well b/c boy, did the rest of the hamsters have a story for them!  They settled in around the campfire, and Eric launched into full storytelling mode.  I thought he actually did a pretty reasonable job of accounting what happened accurately.  And we finally got to hear what happened at the house meeting.  All the EPs were there, and the HGs got to ask all their questions.  The penalty vote replaced the penalty nomination to not "destroy the integrity of the game."

When Eric first started talking about Jen's eating, Amber and Daniele thought it was a joke.  As soon as it became clear that it wasn't, Amber asked the question that's been on everyone's mind:  "Jen, why would you do that?"  And then she got even more vocal about Jen saying she was bailing on sequester.  Amber pointed out that they all knew what they were getting into when they signed their contracts, and unless you're in the final 2, you're going to sequester if you make it past week 5.  So, she asked, is Jen saying she's only playing nicely if she's guaranteed F2? Jen kind of denies it, but that is pretty much how she's acting.  She doesn't have a good explanation for anything, and Amber comes off looking more coherent than she has for weeks.  I'm wondering if they didn't adjust her meds while she was out of the house.  Or maybe the break from the insanity just did her some good.

Daniele, on the other hand, could care less about what Jen did.  She wanted Jen out, and this pretty much seals it.  But she's pretty upset with her father.  She's not amused by him hiding Jen's things in her room.  She wants to know why he has to make everything about him.  It's a little pot and kettle-y, but she's kind of got a point.  Jen did start the battle, but Dick started the war.  And why did he have to make his truce with Jen during Daniele's first HOH, and now have the resurgence of hostilities during her second?

They end up having a big fight.  She tells him to leave her alone, etc.  He keeps trying to get her to admit that she's at least partially to blame for their "bad relationship."  He points out that it's not just him she doesn't get along with, but also her mother, her brother and her grandfather.  That probably sounds reasonable to many people, but if I were taking sides in this, I'd still take hers.  Of course, we don't know the whole deal, and she can definitely be a bit bratty at times.  But still, it's not up to the kid to get along with the parent.  And we don't know about the rest of the family, but we've all seen how Dick can be.  Wouldn't you stop talking to him from time to time?

Another fun-filled night of drama in the BB house.

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