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booyah, again

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posted Friday, 24 August 2007

Jen's gone, get over it.  I think there was something hinky about the Tool vote...why didn't they show him opening the envelope and giving his reaction like they always do?  I strongly suspect that he went in there, saw the vote was to evict Jameka, and said "you've got to be f*cking kidding me!"  and somehow worked out a deal to vote how he wanted.  Or, some deal was made with Jen that she would go "quietly" and the prods just ignored the votes.

Whatever.  It's done, move on.

Jessica wins her second HOH.  Hopefully this one will be more fun than the last.  She's got the D&D deal to honor, so it sounds like Zach and Amber are going up.  It also sounds like Amber was Tool Target again this week.  Guess that makes her the new Jen?  If Jessica's smart, she'll tell Amber she's a "pawn" and Zach is the target.  And that she can't put him up against Dick or Daniele b/c then he might not go home.  Then if Amber veto's herself, she can put up Jameka w/the same explanation.  If Zach is vetoed, she has a problem.  She'll either have to just go for it and nominate Jameka, or break the D&D deal.

It was a pretty quiet night in the house.  Dick's delighted, of course.  Jessica tried to have a "no gametalk" rule, but still got some thrown at her.  At the moment everyone is getting along.  But that will probably (and hopefully) change soon. 

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