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posted Sunday, 26 August 2007

I'm starting to seriously consider calling a foul on the producers.  But first, the Sunday show review:

The recap of Jen's final days was not near as interesting as watching it actually unfold on the feeds.  The Dick and Dani tension bit was sort of slanted.  The "did you take your vitamins?" lather, rinse, repeat was kind of funny.  I thought it was sort of cute the first time he did it, but now I'm starting to agree with Daniele--she is 21 years old.  They didn't show the real fireworks of their fights, but that kind of makes sense since a lot of it was about people who aren't in the house.  Daniele came off looking a bit bratty, but I'm still coming down firmly on the side of it isn't her job to make the relationship work.  At the same time, I didn't think the bratty/whining portrayal was unfair.  I've been getting sick of listening to her for about the last week.  I did like that they showed that Jess and Eric think it's all staged.  I really don't think it is, but I've been wrong before.

As for Eric's "girlfriend," who cares? (Well, she probably does if she's really his girlfriend....)  We know Eric's the Tool, and assuming he knew that starting out, he had to have considered the possibility of being assigned a showmance.  I did enjoy his comment about how he was the stud of the house due to the fact that his only competition at this point is "an ogre and a 44 year old pervert."  And BB backed him up by airing Dick's comments about wanting to see Jessica naked, and regretting seeing Amber.  At least they had the decency to also air him saying that he certainly didn't want to accidentally see his daughter naked.

And speaking of the luxury comp., did they *really* need to be naked?  Considering it was blocked from the feeds and blurred on TV, it kind of felt like a cheap thrill for the crew.  They could have easily put the guys in speedos and the girls in Jen-sized bikinis and avoided the really perv-y feel of the whole thing.  And obviously the girls were meant to win.  Who would have cared if the guys got new clothes?  Not even the guys, themselves.  I did enjoy the "goat" bit.

For me, the highlight of the show was every single remaining hamster saying how they were sure they wouldn't be nominated.  It showed that Jessica's "relationship game" is "strong to quite strong." (©Chilltown)  Her nomination speech was pretty lame, though.

And speaking of lame....the Tool Task was ridiculous.  Who do you want Eric to kiss?  Are you kidding me?  First place, he already kissed Jessica the night before (and if that's the footage we get for "Mission Accomplished" on Tuesday, I'm calling foul).  And that's also why I voted for him to kiss Dick (wow, that sounds obscene...).  Basically, I'd like to see anyone other than Jessica be AC, otherwise we're just handing him more money.  I figure he's got about 8 more Tasks coming (which would be 30 total, meaning $60K was his max reward). And here's the thing:  if he completes just 4 more tasks, and goes out before F2, with his stipend, he gets as much as 2nd place.  And, of course, if he gets 2nd place, he gets twice the prize anyone else will.  This is why I've said all along, if Tool's in F2, there's gonna be a lot of calling foul.  It really isn't fair that there's a "bonus prize" that no one else even had a shot at.

The super-lame part of the Tool Task is that we livefeeders know that Eric won the veto.  It sounds like he's not going to use it, which is probably what America would vote for, but we can't be sure.  But if he does use it, esp. if he vetoes Amber, I'm calling foul.  We told him to get Amber nom'ed, so to veto her would just be rude.  I understand that CBS doesn't want to give away the veto comp. results to the TV viewers, but they could have had a task like "how do you want Eric to try to influence the veto holder?"  Kind of like the way they worded the nomination task the week of the endurance comp, if Eric gets it he has to do what we say, if someone else gets it he tries to persuade them to do what we say (in fact, this could have been his Sunday task all along, which would be better than the stupid woobie and kissing crap.)

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