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snooze fest 2007

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posted Monday, 27 August 2007

Whose bright idea was it to kick Jen?  Absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the house since she left.  She wasn't all that fascinating either, but at least there was always the potential for fireworks between her and Dick.  Now, everyone is basically getting along and it couldn't be more boring.

I'm hoping that something, anything, will happen soon to get things riled up again.  Maybe there will be some excitement tonight when they are able to start talking about Daniele and Amber's Power of 10 trip.  I'm guessing neither of them won any significant amount of money, otherwise they'd be a bit more chipper.

As far as anything is happening in the game, Eric didn't use the veto.  Amber and Zach are both kind of moping around, neither is quite sure what's going to happen.  And frankly, neither am I.  I also really couldn't care less.  I figure we'll tell the Tool to kick Amber, and most likely Dick and Daniele will do the same (Dick's recent comments about kicking Zach notwithstanding).  Jameka will vote to keep Amber, and no one will be surprised.  If D&D decide to kick Zach, and Tool has to vote Amber out, there's a bit of potential for drama over another "mystery" vote.  Though, if Tool is smart, he'll 'fess up, and just say he wanted Zach to at least get a sympathy vote.

But if Zach goes, we might as well just all lapse into a coma now.  The best potential for true excitement I see is if Zach stays and wins HOH.  I'm not quite sure who he'd nominate, so at least that would be something.  If Eric, Dick or Daniele wins HOH, the noms will almost surely be Jameka and Zach/Amber (whichever stayed).  Zach winning HOH and someone other than Jameka getting kicked is also the only chance J. has of getting to play HOH again.  If someone else goes, then Zach will be the target the following week, and Jameka will get to play the week after.  And then if she wins that (which will be final 4), things get interesting again.

For lack of anything better to do, here's what I would like to see happen:

  1. Amber goes this week
  2. Zach wins HOH
  3. Zach nominates Jessica and Jameka (Jessica, you nominated me, Jameka you were the one vote to evict me).
  4. If the noms stay the same, Jameka goes.  If Eric wins POV and saves Jessica, Dick is the repl-nom, but Jameka still goes.
  5. If POV is used by anyone else, Eric is the repl-nom and Eric goes. 

Ideally, Jameka would win POV and save herself.  The goal is to kick the Tool, and having Jessica be the other nom. is the best way to do that.  Sure, he's been a bit more useful lately, but kicking him now is the best way to get the game interesting again.  If JEDD do make it to F4, it's going to be bor-ring.

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