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smoke 'em if you've got 'em

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posted Sunday, 19 August 2007

Jen is trying to take a lesson from E.D.  Make people mad enough, you'll stay.  Create drama, drama, drama.

They had the veto ceremony, Dani vetoed Amber and repl-nomed Jen.  Dani and Amber were told to pack for their mystery trip.  It's really annoying that we don't know where they're going and when they'll be back, but whatever.  After much build-up, they wave buh-bye and depart through the DR.

bye dad    bye

Before D&A left, Daniele and Jen had a little chat.  Daniele told Jen that she nominated her b/c she (Jen) is the best competitor, that it was all strategic, not personal.  Whether that's totally true or not, it's at least plausible.  Jen tries a little to convince Daniele that she's not really a threat (which is kind of silly b/c Dani can't vote, but whatever).  Then Jen moves on to saying she doesn't need to waste 6 weeks of her life sitting in sequester, and if she's evicted, she's walking.  Literally--says she'll walk home if they won't take her.  Says she doesn't need the stipend, blah, blah, blah.  Later on the rest of the HGs talk about whether they can be sued for that.  Eric informs everyone that according to the contract they are not "hostages" and can leave at any time but will lose any benefits.  Based on Will's comment last year when he was considering eating food when he was on slop, I think the producers can sue them for breach of contract for certain things.  I'm not sure if this talk is all strategy on Jen's part or what.  But she's definitely not happy. Jen complains too about how horrible it is sharing a room with Dick, and I'm thinking Daniele should offer HOH to her for the night, since Dani's going to be out on the town.

peekjen    danihoh    jen cries

A little later, we find Jen skipping through the house.  She goes into the round bedroom, and heads straight for Dick's stuff.  She pulls out 4 cartons of cigarettes (which by my calculation is all he has left), runs into the storage room, starts tearing open the packages and dumping them in the trash can.  BB immediately calls her to the DR.  She says "hold on" and jumps on the rest of the cig. packs.  BB calls her again, she pours bleach over the cigarettes and heads to the DR.  Everyone else is outside and knows something is up.  Dick wanders through the house and eventually finds his cigarettes are gone.  So, he starts hunting for Jen's clothes and stuff which she has hidden in preparation for her attack.  With Jameka's help he finds her things, and takes them up the HOH room.  BB comes on the speaker and tells him that "hiding is okay, destroying is not."  He asks if that's what's going on w/his cigarettes and he hears a voice in the background saying "don't tell him."  Uh-oh.

finders    keepers

Jen comes out of the DR in tears after about 20 minutes.  A bit later Dick finds 3 cartons of cigarettes in the SR.  They haven't been bleached and my guess (later confirmed by Jen) is that BB sent some poor intern out to buy them PDQ.  When Dick informs Jen he's "found" them, Jen heads right back to the DR saying "that's ridiculous Big Brother!"  She keeps reminding everyone that she asked about destroying cigs before and was told it was okay.  Apparently they told her it wasn't but she could hide them.  She was supposed to get to the new ones in the SR, but Dick beat her to them.  Dick also packs up all his clothes and moves them up to HOH, locks the door and pockets the key.  Good thing for him Daniele didn't give the room to Jen.

hide    and    seek

Next Jen comes out with a bunch of food.  She's so upset, she's over the slop and she's eating.  I figured the DR told her to go ahead, they'd overlook it.  But she gets called in a bit later and comes out and informs the group that they told her if she doesn't go this week she's penalty nom'ed next week, and can't be saved with the POV.  Dick points out how rude it is to say that right in front of Jameka.  Sure enough, before long Jameka's pissed....and worried.  Jen's reading the rules again and trying to apologize to Jameka.  She suggests that Jameka eat too, to even things out.  Huh?

jen eats    jameka doesn't

Between starting eating, and finding out about the pen. nom., Jen's sitting out the BY couch and Dick comes out and lights a cigarette and blows smoke right in her face.  She jumps up and swats at him, he sits down laughing, and she swats at him again.  I couldn't tell if she actually touched him, but he starts yelling "don't touch me again!"  It does seem like she made contact with the cigarette though, and burned her hand.  It happened so fast I didn't get any shots...but here's a video .

Best line of the whole thing was Dick quoting what was said to him in the DR:  "Thanks for taking the high road, Dick."  Wow, there's a line we never thought we'd hear.

jen dr

Jen makes sure it's safe to come out of the DR. 

big smiles

And Dick's having the Best Night Ever! 

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