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Happy Birthday, Daniele

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posted Sunday, 19 August 2007

Daniele got her lame-ass b-day party from BB last night.  It wasn't quite as bad as Jameka's (at least her "gift" wasn't something pulled out of her luggage), but it was pretty pathetic.  And she seemed sad after reading her card...I think it's finally sinking in that she hasn't heard from her b/f in a while.  I feel bad for her.  What a sad way to spend your 21st birthday.   She can't even tell anyone it's her 21st, and she still can't drink b/c she's already claimed to be a non-drinker.

And she's in a tough spot in the game.  Whatever she does, she's in for a rough time the next couple of days.  The DR is apparently pressuring her to not use the veto (they want Amber kicked as much as anyone).  But if she leaves Amber on the block, she's going to have to deal with being bitter and everything during their mystery trip.  Plus her dad and Zach will be pissed at her for not getting Jen.  If she puts Jen up she's in for a fight.  DR wants to keep her, we'll probably tell Tool to keep her, so she might end up staying.  And then Jen will be out for Dani's blood for sure.  Gamewise kicking Jen probably is the best plan.  Jameka can't win HOH and Amber probably won't, so they'll be back on the block next week, most likely.  Even if Amber happens to win HOH, she'll probably stick to her deal to not nominate Daniele.  But if Jen stays, there's a good chance she'll win HOH and target D & D again.

I won't say much about the show...typical Sunday ep., pretty boring.  Though the food comp. proves that a.) BB has not designed all the comps before the season started, and b.) they definitely set up comps to favor their favorites.  And they definitely love their SuperCouple Jess and Eric.  And, man, do they hate Amber.  The whole string of "what does [whatever] mean?" was pretty funny.  The sad part is that apparently Jameka doesn't know what "peanut gallery" means either.

That's all for now. 

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