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odd day

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posted Saturday, 18 August 2007

Saturday was a slightly odd day in the BB house.  First we find Dick curled up in bed, apparently crying.  It wasn't really clear why (or even if he really was crying--he was definitely sniffling, and I'm pretty sure there were tears).  Maybe he's just allergic to something.  He and Daniele have been arguing a bit more again, so maybe that's it.  Despite that, though, she still came to him to run her plan by him for what she was going to do since she won the veto.

crying?    champ

That's right, Daniele won the veto.  That's the veto in her hand, above.  She still hasn't figured out to wear it after winning.  So, that makes 2 HOHs, and 3 vetos, putting Daniele in the #1 spot for comp. wins so far this year.  But what's weird to me is why did she win the veto? Amber came in second, so why didn't Daniele just throw it to her?  I guess we'll have to wait for the show, but the only thing I can think of is that someone else was still in who she couldn't afford to have win.  Because if it was just down to Dani and Amber, it would make a lot more sense to let Amber get it and save herself.  Then Daniele could nominate Jen, saying she has no other choices, and if Jen stays, she's maybe not as pissed.  But now, Daniele has to save Amber herself, which will look weird.  It'll be okay for her if Jen goes, but not so much if she stays.  Meanwhile, Jameka and Amber still don't have the memo that Dani wants Jen out, so they're stressing still.  Also, as part of the veto comp. Amber and Daniele get to go on some sort of "trip" out of the house.

dani    amber prays    jam

And finally, Jessica and Eric are working on becoming the Cute Couple of BB8.  They're doing lots of posing for the cameras and talking about their upcoming imaginary wedding.  The only thing that ruins it, besides the fact that Tool just isn't up to the task of being cute, is that they stop every few minutes to talk about how they're being so entertaining and we must love them.  Kind of shatters the illusion.


yea us    cuddle

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