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posted Friday, 17 August 2007

Well, it wasn't quite the level of surprise I wanted, but it was something:


I think Dustin had an inkling that something was up, but didn't know for sure that he was going.  BB did a fine job of keeping the feeds blocked, so we didn't know for sure either.  So, Dick got another reprieve, and then Daniele became the first repeat HOH of BB8.  I didn't really see that coming.  I keep thinking Zach is going to get it, and one of these times perhaps I'll be right.  And then in Dani's HOH room was a letter from Nick.  If Daniele thinks about it at all, she might realize that this is a bad sign for what her b/f thinks of her right now.  And then she might notice that the pink and frilly letter is a bad sign for any future relationship with little Nicky.  And Jen expresses what most of them feel....

hoh2    nick's letter    yawn

Dick has a little party on the Dick@Nite show (not canceled, obviously).  He goes on a bit about how he can't believe he's still there, he pulled it off, etc. etc.  He can't believe that of all people, Eric was the one to save him.  Little does he know, of course.  At one point he asks "why am I still here after all the shit I pulled last week?"  Well, because America loves you, Dick.  And we found much of that shit pretty entertaining.


dick prays?    dick spins


The Tool finally seems to be on a roll with his tasks.  We tell him to get Amber nominated, and pretty soon he's on the job.  Doesn't really matter once again, though.  Dani already planned to nominate Jameka and Amber, with the plan being to backdoor Jen.  Right now Tool has points for getting Dustbin nom'ed and kicked last week, but things are going to go downhill fast if Jen's on the block.

tool camp    jen

The God Alliance goes on the block, and in between prayers they talk about how much they hate Daniele and other sorts of unpleasantness.  They don't know that one of them is supposed to win the veto so Jen can be sent packing.  And I'm wondering if they're not both too preoccupied with being bitter to actually win.  Not to mention Amber hasn't even come close to winning anything so far, and all Jameka's won is the veto that Jen handed her.  Well, I guess we'll find out what God has planned for them soon enough.  Oh, and the nominees are both on slop.

amb    jamb

In other news, we know the season is moving along because they got the mid-size table.  6 hamsters are gone, 6 more to go before F2.

med table

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