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things are gonna get excitin'!

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posted Thursday, 16 August 2007

I'm expecting another edge of our seat eviction tonight.  Maybe even more so than last week.  By the time the feeds went to swirlies last Thursday it was pretty certain that Kail would be leaving.  But somehow I'm not expecting quite so much clarity this week.  If the DR is messing with things we're not hearing about it much, which might be because they're reminding people to put on a show in the house, or it might just be that the people they're talking to this week don't have quite as large a mouth as Amber.

Things have already flipped and flopped so much I'm really don't sure where we were when.  Jen is still saying adamantly that she is voting Dick OUT.  Zach has promised to do whatever Jessica tells him, but he's also pretty much promised to vote to keep Dick.  Tool was working last night, at times not so hard, but still.  There's a very tenuous deal among Dick, Daniele, Jessica and Eric.  Supposedly they're going to talk to Zach and Jen today and tell them to vote out Dustbin.  If the talk happens, I'm sure Zach will vote to keep Dick, so we'll at least have a tie.  But it would be best for everyone if Jen votes to keep Dick, too.

If Jen gets on board we can get a straight 4-2 vote and watch Amber and Jameka freak out, but Jessica can still claim she didn't know.  But if Jess has to break a tie, it's obvious she's in on the plan.  Not to mention that I'm not real confident in Jessica's ability to stand up in front of everyone and pitch out the Princess.  If it is likely to come to a tie, Tool's going to have to make sure she's really solid going into the liveshow.

The hamsters were visited by bunnies, a "little person," a guy on stilts, and a barbershop quartet yesterday.  It's certainly given them something to ponder over the last day.  Best bet is that HOH tonight will be questions about the visitors.  Zach was the first one to seem to pick up on this, and Jen was close behind.  But there's been a fair amount of studying.  But it just might be Zach's week to win.

I woke up around 2 or 3 AM BBT, and checked in on the feeds just in time to catch Dick saying "Well, this might be the last installment of the Dick @ Nite show."  I'm hoping it wasn't, and if he does stay, I'm also hoping the Show will get back to the way it was the first few weeks.  Lately he's been a little less entertaining.  Daniele's been mopey and whiney for the last couple days (probably slop related, but still), and the critters have been staying up later and later.  The upside for me is that I've been getting a lot more sleep b/c I can't stand to listen to the Dustin/Amber/Jameka/Eric show.  At least the really horrid stuff from about a week ago seems to have been shut down.

Well, it's 10 AM BBT, and the feeds have already gone to trivia.  It was similar last week, no peeks before the liveshow and my parting shot of Kail was actually from the day before, when we still thought Tool might be going.  So who will be meeting the Chenbot tonight?  The Princess or the Prick?  I guess we'll know soon enough....T-minus 7 hours and counting.....

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