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primary colors

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posted Wednesday, 29 June 2011

We know we're getting close of the new house have been posted. The overall layout's the same, and this year's decorator seems to be a big fan of primary colors, lots of red, orange and yellow....that candy colored bedroom is really going to drive me crazy (though, the colors never seem quite so bold on the feeds as the publicity pics). There's some sort of weird prison cage thing around the spiral stair case, adding a whole new dimension to the weekly HOH perp walks. And there's a graffitti theme to the backyard decor. It also looks like someone mixed up the livingroom and backyard furniture. There are currently benches around the dining room table rather than chairs, but those may last about as long as the fancy place settings.

entry br




dining gypsy room

Different sites seem to have two slightly different looks for HOH (or maybe one's a downstairs bedroom?), I'm not sure what's up with that.

hohA hohb

Everyone will be relieved to know that Lucky Ducky, the biggest floater of all time, is still in the house. And he's expected to survive another season without being evicted.

lucky ducky

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