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Parting Shots

logo A fond farewell to all the hamsters....

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB13 HGs on the livefeeds.

First Evicted: Keith 
bye keith  

Second Evicted: Cassi

  bye cassi

Third Evicted: Dominic

he gawn  

Fourth Evicted: Brendon

  buh-bye brendon

Fifth Evicted: Lawon

buh-bye lawon  

Sixth Evicted: Brendon

  buh-bye again Brendon

Seventh Evicted: Daniele

buh-bye Dani  

Eighth Evicted: Jeff

  bye Jeff

Ninth Evicted: Shelly

buh-bye Shelly  

Tenth Evicted: Kalia

  buh-bye Kalia

Eleventh Evicted: Jordan

bye Jordan  

Twelfth Evicted: Adam

  bye Adam

Runner-Up: Porsche

buh-bye Porsche  


Winner: Rachel

  congrats Rachel!
And it's a wrap for BB13! See you next summer for BB14!
chairs memories

Click the pics to go to the At the End of the Day  review for that HG.