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Which HouseGuest do you want to see return to the Big Brother house? Vote for one of the four evicted HouseGuests below! The winner of America's Vote will battle the next evicted HouseGuest for a chance to get back into the game! Tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, August 11th, at 9/8c to find out how America voted and see the battle play out live!


So, it's Twisty Time for BB13. Many out here suspected early on we were going to get a re-run HG this year. With Dick having to leave, they'd have an open week in the schedule. Then when the early evictees didn't show up in the real world after getting kicked it was almost a sure thing that someone would get to come back, it was just a question of how. Back in the good old days of BB3 and BB6 the viewers got to vote and whomever we picked got sent back in. Then during BB9 they mocked us by letting us vote but then not sending our choice back in. This time around, we get a combo deal. We can vote from amongst the early evictees, but our choice won't necessarily go back in. America's Choice will get to "battle" against the recent evictee for the chance to go back.

Battle to me screams competition. And telling us to tune in on a Thursday to see the battle play out live screams HOH comp. I kind of wonder if it won't be either a face-off HOH between AC and the just-kicked. That will mean that whomever goes back in is safe from being kicked straight back out, as has happened a lot with re-runs. But that's not really fair to the rest of the HGs to not have a shot at HOH. So another option is that both evictees get to play in an endurance HOH comp. and whichever lasts longer gets to stay, whether they win or not. That would make the twist super twisty because it would mean that the other HGs would know what was going on and who America's Choice was. It also technically puts both of them back in the game for at least a time, which isn't really battling for the chance. It could be simply a comp to go back and whichever wins that gets to play in HOH.

Or it could be that the producers are waiting to see who we're talking about and they'll come up with a battle plan that will get their choice back in. If it ends up being Rachel evicted this week, I say they're really going to want her to get back in. If it's, say, Porsche, they probably won't care so much. And if Rachel's still in the game and Brendon was AC, a Brenchel reunion would be big drama.

All that being said, here are my thoughts on the options:


She was fun to have around, she'd be a boost to Shelly's game and she'd be headed right at Rachel if she's still there, and probably Daniele. A good choice for JeJo fans since Cassi would team back up with Shelly and probably wouldn't go after the SuperCute SuperCouple.



Obviously the #1 choice for Dani fans. He also arguably got evicted for someone else's game, though I've never bought into that theory as much as some. He made his own choices whether they were wise or not. And if Rachel goes he'd be coming back to a Brenchel free game, so he really wouldn't have much of a purpose.



The first evictee is usually easily forgotten. The TVOVs will barely remember him and the livefeeders aren't much better. He stirred up drama when he was there, but that was a lifetime ago. He'd have no clue where the game is at this point, and having been locked away in sequester for 4 weeks he'd quite possibly be even more crazy than before. Normally I'm all for drama, but I have a feeling Keith would just be a disaster.



Didn't we just get rid of him? I've never been a big fan of Brendon's and personally I have no interest in seeing him come back. I can see some of the TVOVs wanting to re-unite Brenchel, especially since CBS has been giving them a sort of romantic edit this year. On the other hand, with Rachel likely to be the new evictee, there's not a lot of point in voting for Brendon. Assuming they'll know whom they're "battling" against, he'd just let her win.

Don't Bother Voting

I really think the new evictee is a lot more likely to end up back in the game than America's Choice, especially if it's Rachel.


Update 8/8:

Now that it looks like it will be Lawon going on Thursday, it kind of changes things. If Rachel goes out I think there's a good chance she'll battle her way back in. But if it's Lawon, AC has a better chance, especially if it's Brendon. And if Rachel stays in the game, that changes the drama factor. If Lawon goes, things could get interesting. If Brendon bounces back in Dani and Kalia are in so much trouble it's not even funny. Imagine the drama. Not only will Kalia feel like her HOH was a waste, but Dani's will have been completely undone as well. We will hear nothing but it's not faaaaiiirrr for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, if Dominic comes back in, Pawn Lawon will look like the best plan ever since Kalia/Dani will trade in Lawon for Dom. And who knows how much Rachel might flip out if she realizes there was a chance Brendon could have come back. Whatever happens, let's just hope for drama. At the moment, it's looking good.

Update 8/12:

I complained last night that they didn't give us the vote percentages, and today they were posted. Of course, there's nothing to say the numbers aren't made up...though I tend to believe them. It also explains the "it was close" comment. Though I don't really consider a 7.5% difference "close," it was really a 3 way race among Brendon, Dom and Cassi. As expected, no one remembers poor Keith. Hopefully he had a good time sitting in sequester for a month.

I think a lot of JeJo fans voted for Brendon, thinking having him back in the game is good for them because it gives them both an ally and a bigger alternative target. With the way things are going at the moment, that may not so much work out. The first thing Brenchel did upon being reconstituted was to try to make a deal with Daniele.

Regardless, we definitely got some drama out of this twist. And that's all we can really ask for.