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don't know from Adam

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posted Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ever since Porsche won Part II of the HOH comp, and she and Rachel did their victory dance revealing their F2 deal, it really has been just a lot of "same stuff, different day" in the BB house. Both seem pretty committed to the F2 deal, no matter what Adam says. For Porsche, I think that's the wisest move. Even though she's likely playing for 2nd place no matter what, she does have a better chance to beat Rachel. In Rachel's case, it might end up being a $450,000 mistake. Against Adam, she's pretty much guaranteed the win, but against Porsche it's a bit of a toss-up. Adam very likely is the deciding vote, and if he does go with the plan of voting for whomever does not evict him, Rachel's better off throwing the last comp to Porsche and letting her get the blood on her hands. But not only is that not in Rachel's nature, it's a huge risk. Adam could easily go with his original plan of voting for whomever wins Part III. Best case scenario for Rachel is that Adam goes with the honest vote and chooses the one who played the best overall game. Which, at the end of the day, is what he probably really will do.


However, just to keep things a little bit interesting, over the last day or so Adam has shown signs of going so many different ways it's enough to drive a livefeeder crazy. He's continued making a pitch to Porsche to take him to the F2. She's told him repeatedly that she she doesn't think she can beat him, and though she only has a small chance against Rachel, at least it's a chance. He keeps going back to the argument that he'll tell the jury to vote for her. Then this afternoon, Adam lets out a stream of Rachel-hate to Porsche saying that he doesn't want her to get a "fucking penny" and he can't believe some of the stuff she's been saying recently, now that he's thought about it. He then tells Porsche that he'll vote for her in F2 no matter what. I don't know if this was supposed to convince her to choose him, but it's going to have the exact opposite effect. If she believes she has his jury vote, she's going to want him in the jury. Adam can't possibly be that dense (can he?) so I'm wondering if he's not seriously upset with Rachel for some reason. I'm not sure what she could have said to set him off. He was complaining yesterday that he's getting tired of hearing how much she misses Brendon when he hasn't seen his girlfriend for 3 months. Or who knows? Maybe he's just back to his original position of wanting to see a newbie win. And there is the fact that he's been on good terms with Porsche the entire game, and not so much with Rachel.

porsche rachel

If she doesn't have his jury vote no matter what, it is, of course, all the more reason for Rachel to take him if she wins the final HOH. I started to think she might be catching on to this today. When they had a moment alone Rachel asked Adam to tell her why she should take him. He didn't exactly rise to the challenge, just saying she had to do what she thought was best for her. She said she had to think about jury votes, and she wasn't sure she could win. He asked if she was sure she would win against Porsche, and she said that she wasn't--that's the point. Adam then did mention the fact that someone like Daniele ought to vote for the better competitor (i.e. Rachel), regardless of personal feelings. But rather than really pushing the idea that she would, he just said "but we know Dani." Rachel actually brought up Kalia, whose vote is the one that really gets her the win against Adam, and he couldn't argue that she'd probably vote for Rachel over him. Later on, Rachel asked what Adam would have done if he'd ended up as the Final HOH. He said he'd give a lot of weight to the person who had won the other part. Again, not a good argument if he's trying to get her on his side. Rachel then brought up the "Shelly factor" and they both agreed that they have no idea what Shelly will do in any scenario.


I'm starting to wonder if Adam actually thinks he would beat Rachel in the end, which is why he's not pushing harder that it's in her best interests to take him. He may think he has Shelly, Jeff and Jordan, and maybe even Daniele. And if Rachel evicts Porsche he'd have her vote. But if that's the case, you'd think he'd be working harder on Rachel than on Porsche, and he's definitely been spending more time on Porsche. Whatever the case may be, it's the night before finale, and very little is certain. I do think that Porsche will take Rachel to F2 if she wins. At this point, I'd say what Rachel will do is a toss-up. She seems committed to her deal with Porsche, but if she really thinks about what's best for her, she'll take Adam. If Adam is evicted, it's anyone's guess at this point how he'll vote.


I still feel strongly that Rachel should win. She's played a really good game, especially towards the end. Her competitive game has been strong all along, but in the last few weeks she's really improved her social game. It's the first time in a long time that I've cared about the F2/F3. And Porsche fell even further in my estimation today when she commented "my brother has to go to school because he doesn't have the benefit if having boobs." It's that kind of attitude that makes me want to see her walk out with nothing. This idea that people should just hand her things because of her looks, and she shouldn't have to think or work for a living is just offensive. And it's doubly offensive when she starts saying that other people don't deserve to be where they are in the game. As if she does.

porsche rachel

We had a lot of non-feed feeds today. We were in trivialand for a few hours while they were on HOH lockdown and BB did a run-through for tomorrow. While the HGs were upstairs they noted that the fish food packets for the last few days are unopened. Someone call PETA; starving fish alert! Throughout the rest of the day we've gotten extended fishie cams for no apparently reason. Maybe BB wants to assure us that the fish are okay. Or, maybe the button boy fell asleep and just happened to lean on the fish button. I've also noticed that we haven't had our usual end of the season fun with the cam operator who would give us random art shots around the house. The closest we've gotten is that they periodically flash onto the autographed Jessie picture. Tonight it's leg shaving, mani/pedi time for the girls, packing for everyone and picking out clothes for tomorrow. It'll be a wrap on BB13 before we know it.



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