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are they trying to tell us something?

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posted Thursday, 19 July 2007

I got up this morning and stopped by my computer to catch the tail end of the "Dick at Night" show.  I found the feeds showing some suspicious things.  2 feeds were on Joe and Jessica sleeping, 1 on Amber and Dustin sleeping, and the 4th was in the BY for the D@N show, where Dick and Jen were talking.  But the camera was staying on Jen, and when she got up to go to bed, they followed her.  I was starting to wonder if this was like last week when Carol seemed to disappear from the feeds.  But then they did go back to Dick.

dick at night

On the other hand, Joe's all but disappeared from the feeds too.  And listening to the talks, it does sound like Dick is still staying.  Nick seems to have bailed on the MRA and is 100% w/Dani now.  A couple nights ago we got a meltdown from Dani, saying that she's feeling guilty about maybe hurting her bf at home or Nick.  And who does she go and cry to?  Her supposedly estranged father.  He was pretty kind and supportive, but then he turned around and told a bunch of people what she was upset about.

dani cries                             dick

It seems they didn't vote on Wednesday, which is a little odd.  It seems early for live voting...last year we didn't get that until week 4.  10 votes, plus a potential tie-breaker will take a while.  But by making them wait, we have drawn out the drama, giving us more negotiations, threats, and flip-flops than we know what to do with.  It also gave the Tool more time to campaign for America's Choice. 

amber hug    joe    kail    tool

At least this week no one has announced that they are definitely going to win HOH.  If Jen did have inside information, I'd bet she got in trouble for spilling the beans.  I heard her say at one point that she was just saying she was going to win b/c she's such an optimist.  She sounded a bit more than optimistic to me.  So maybe the whole thing is scripted, but, as I've said....please don't shatter my delusions too much. 

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