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posted Thursday, 26 July 2007

It's day 27 in the Big Brother 8 house.  Either Kail or Mike is leaving tonight.  Normally we'd have some waffling to discuss, but this week, not so much.  Dick started out his HOH with the declaration that Kail was outta there for campaigning against him last week, but by the time he jumped off his little veto comp. post, he was ready to let her stay and get rid of her boy Mike.  Fine.  Who cares?  Certainly no one in the house.

America instructed the Tool to campaign against Kail.  At first I thought he wasn't trying that hard, but by last night he was on task.  We got a long HOH pow-wow where Eric laid out points in favor of Kail going.  He was very careful to say he was fine with either one, just trying to get everyone to consider their options.  By the end of it all, I was struck by 2 things...first, Eric was absolutely right.  Kail is definitely the more dangerous player, and if they don't get her out now, they might never get her out.  Sure, Mike's a non-factor in the game...but he'll go anytime because of that.  The second thing I noticed was that the only person who was listening to him was Dick.  Jessica already agreed that Kail should go, and Dick was persuaded.  This puts the 3 of them at the top of my list. And since there's no point in going over the pros and cons of the nominees (Kail probably should go, but it will be Mike who meets Julie tonight), I figured I'd just take a quick inventory of them all. 


amber Amber: Good God this woman is annoying.  She tells the most disgusting and incredibly TMI stories.  And some I'm pretty sure aren't even true.  Maybe her mom did run over her "on accident" when Amber was 2 1/2, but there's no way a toddler ends up on crutches.  She's also the queen of "I'm here for my family! Love me, validate me, feel sorry for me!"  STFU.  


Daniele: She wouldn't be there if it weren't for her family drama/trauma.  She's whiney and needs to get away from Nick.  She's been eating all week since getting off slop, so maybe a lot of us judged her too quickly in that department.  I'm not exactly clear what her game plan is.  But she did win 2 vetos, so don't count her out of the comps. dani  


ED Dick: He's the most entertaining one there, and he's got most of them figured out.  He does need to watch his temper...creating drama is one thing, but creating tension is another.  And he needs to not be creepy w/the 21 year old girls. 


Dustin: He's more slimey than he wants to let on.  His argument for keeping Kail b/c she's "putty in [his] hands" showed how self-centered he is.  And mistaken.  The self-congratulatory Amber and Dustin sessions are just plain irritating. dust 


eric Eric: Whether it's his own skill as a player or the hints he's getting from ACs/the producers, he seems pretty on top of things.  I like watching him play off of Jessica.  He made a comment early this morning that fascinated me.  He said that Nick was a horrible liar, and that to be a good liar you have to have an underlying good character.  It was an interesting point, that I kind of agreed with.  And it makes me feel better about his ability to lie well.  On the other hand, you can also be a good liar if you're a sociopath....  


Jameka:  Mmm-hmm.  She plays everything close to the vest, says she makes her decisions using the WWJD model. Mmm-hmm.  We'll see. jameka 


jen Jen: I like her honesty and directness when it comes to playing the game, but wish she'd find bathing suits that fit her. 


Jessica: Can't stand her voice.  But she is cute and fun, and a lot smarter than most of them give her credit for.  Playing the dumb blonde might be her strategy; if so, I think it's working. jess 


kail Kail:  Something about her put me off from the very beginning.  She seemed to have this great plan to build an alliance, and whether it fell apart b/c she chose her cohorts poorly, or too soon, it definitely came crashing down.  And when it did she was only too happy to ditch them all right away. 


Mike: Who?



nick Nick: Is he playing the game, or just playing with Daniele? 


Zach: Ugh. He's worse than Boogie.  At least Boogie was entertaining.  This guy's just plain gross.




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