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what was that?

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posted Thursday, 26 July 2007

I have to admit, BB did a pretty good job of making us wonder for a minute who was walking out the door.  At first when it was all "Kail is going" I figured that was a sure sign Mike was going.  But then they started really playing up the "flip the vote" stuff.  But I quickly decided that was just their attempt to make the Tool look slightly less stupid.

Speaking of Tool Task #whatever...I could not stop laughing at the fact that all they really showed of Eric's hours of "campaigning" was Dick going into the bathroom to fart and Jameka's reaction to that.  For some reason it seemed to last a lot longer on the show than it did on the feeds (I actually think they played the same footage twice).  But it was still funny.  Of course it means the TV viewers were deprived of seeing how hard Eric was "working for you, America." And intentional or not, Eric's vote is stirring up the house. Various people are blaming Jen or Nick.  And they both are already so distrusted that it's actually believable.

The other moment that made me laugh was Mike's speech.  I think he said more in that moment than during the entire rest of his stay in the house.  Even Julie said, in her polite, but not so subtle Julie Chen way, STFU.  The speeches never matter anyway.  So, Mike walked the plank and that was that.

On to "Eliminator HOH."  Couldn't have gone better for the LNC alliance.  Tool went crazy getting the questions right, and knocking down the pins.  In fact he was doing so well, he had to throw the comp by answering a question Julie hadn't even asked, lest he accidentally win.

So, now Dustin's HOH.  Which means a week of him and Amber congratulating themselves on how great they are.

I'm feeling lazy tonight, so no screen caps, sorry.  Maybe something interesting will happen in the next 24 hours to inspire me for my next entry. ;) 

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