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what's that bus doin' here?

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posted Friday, 27 July 2007

Newly anointed HOH King Dustin, quickly declared his intentions to get Zach out.  But then Zach came and pouted to him.  I couldn't listen or watch. Between Dustin's self-righteousness, Zach's pity party, and the fact that he needed to pull down his shirt, it was just too painful.  But it seems to have worked for him(Z).  I find the LNC out in force this morning and apparently it has been agreed that Kail and Jen are going up (it seems that Tool's target was Jen).

king dusting    zach

I'm not even go to try to follow the various plans.  They'll all change before long anyway.

But with King Dusting in power, Drama Queen Amber thinks she's sitting at the right hand of the almighty.  So, who does she go after?  Dick and Daniele, of course.  Huh?  She seems to want to protect Nick for some reason I can't fathom.  She's been sniping at Dick since Wednesday night.  He has, at times, admittedly been, well, a dick to her.  But that's who he is.  She reads to him from the Bible last night, and today tells him that the way he treats her makes her behave badly.  Or something.  It was Amber-logic and I didn't quite follow it.  I'm not sure what her plan is, but it seems step one is tossing Dick under that proverbial bus.

bible stories    dick    slumber

To his credit, Dustin's not buying it.  I think his real target might still be Zach, or possibly Nick.  He's telling everyone that he's "pretending" Kail is a "pawn" but she's not...but I think maybe she is.

And Dick seems to have taken the advice to stop being creepy.  He chatted with Jessica, without being sketchy, and also had some nice father/daughter time w/Daniele.  While watching them I notice that they bite their nails the same way.  How cute.  (Man, I need to get a life!)  Meanwhile, Jessica and Eric go on a nice little stroll around the backyard.  Eric explains it all.  She listens, and comments, and knocks over giant chess pieces.



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