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All About Amber

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posted Saturday, 28 July 2007

The feeds come back after nominations to find Jen in tears and Dustin and Kail in HOH, assuring each other that they're solid.  Dustin tells Kail she's the pawn, but not to tell anyone and be sure to act all upset, just like she did last week.  D. then proceeds to tell Amber everything, making me wonder why he'd bother telling Kail to keep quiet--telling Amber is like announcing it to the whole house.

jen cries     pawn?

Amber then tells Dustin she can't believe Jen is crying over something as silly as being nominated, and clearly she's faking.  Huh? She also whines that Nick was comforting Jen, which clearly proves he's evil and in an alliance with Jen.  Which is weird b/c earlier Amber was sticking up for seems she doesn't like him paying attention to anyone other than her.  And later on Nick somehow gets the impression that Daniele is mad about the Jen thing (probably a rumour started by Amber).  I guess Amber just doesn't like her role as House Crier being challenged.  Futhermore, Amber goes on and on about how she can't believe Jen wouldn't take a hug from her after nominations ("that's so rude!").  She really is amazingly self-centered.


Later on they pick players for the veto comp (it's an early call in the morning--8 AM BBT for a long lockdown).  We come back from that to find Amber upset again.  I'm shocked, I say, simply shocked.  This time it's because Dusting picked Eric as veto comp. host rather than her.  Poor Amber.

hug it out

Next we find that Jen drew Jameka's name to play veto.  So, Jameka now has the memo from God to play for Jen.  Dick tries to point out that if Jen gets taken off the block they have a problem--the LNC is not agreed on who would go between Zach and Kail, so it would be better to have a Zach vs. Jen or Kail vs. Jen vote.  Jameka doesn't take his point (which, admittedly wasn't very clear at first, I only understood it myself a few hours later after further discussions), and thinks he's just laughing at her God-play. She also brings up that she thinks the winner has already been pre-determined.  ED of course brings up the eternal counterpoint to pre-determination of why even bother doing anything if the outcome is already decided.  They don't get into it too much, which is good.  If 1000s of years of philosophers and theologians debating hasn't solved this, surely 2 people on a reality show aren't going to get very far.

wwjd    wwdd

Dustin starts diva'ing, shrilly demanding that everyone listen to him b/c <whine>he's HOH!</whine>  Neither Dani nor Jessica (the other 2 veto players) wants to use the veto, should she win it.  And several people say that if it comes down to a choice between Kail and Zach, they'd rather Kail go.  The debate rages on, until finally, Tool points out that a.) it's pointless to worry about this until after the veto has been won and b.) they should all just be happy that one of "the 4" is going and not fracture their alliance over it.  Considering all options is good, but don't lose sight of the bigger picture.


Line of the day goes to Jessica.  Dick was teasing her about how he wanted her picked for veto when he was on the block b/c he figured she'd suck, giving him a better chance to win himself.  Jessica responds "just wait for tomorrow.  You'll see I don't suck, Dick."  I burst out laughing, and to his credit, Dick just laughed and said something like "oh, really?"  Good job on not being creepy. And he does laundry.  Gotta love it.

   say what jessica don't do that

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