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what would jameka do?

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posted Sunday, 29 July 2007

Saturday was a day of boredom and oopses on the feeds.  The HGs were woken up early in the morning and put on a long outdoor lockdown to wait to play veto.  They mostly slept and hung around doing nothing.  Even the feedmasters seemed bored.  For about 20 minutes we were getting music from the control room or something (as in whatever the staff was listening to).  Then they blacked us out to play the veto, and we get some more oopsies:

We come back to find that surprise, surprise, Dick is on the rampage.  Apparently, the veto comp was one of those temptation type things.  Dusting took all the prizes, and Jameka won the veto, possibly due to Jen "throwing" it.  Dick's all pissed b/c he thinks that Jen let Jameka win, knowing Jam. wouldn't go back on her promise to veto Jen's nom (since it's God's will), and at the same time putting Jameka in an awkward situation, getting her to do something that's not necessarily in her best interests.  And, surprise, surprise, Amber is crying.  Her reasons are the same (she's distraught for Jameka), but as usual w/Amber it's just silly.  First place, it's not that bad.  Second place, if Jameka's not upset, why is anyone else?  And third place, while Dick apologizes half an hour later for his outburst, Amber is still sobbing hours later.

dick rants    whamber

So, here's the deal.  Jameka believes in predetermination.  She says that God has already decided who will win BB8, and everything that happens is to result in that end.  So, if her name is drawn for POV, she is loyal to whoever actually pulled the ball out of the bag, she will try to win the contest, if she gets POV she will use it to veto that person, and if she doesn't she will still vote to keep that person in the house.  To me, this is the height of hubris.  Even if you believe that God has a plan for you, to presume that you know exactly what you are meant to do is just ridiculous.  For my part, I say, if you think God has a plan, you should pray and mediate on each situation to try to understand what God wants you to do in that instance.  Maybe God had Jen draw Jameka's name to test whether Jameka would remain true to her alliance?  Maybe not, but who knows.  Well, apparently Jameka knows.

So, the LNC meets, Jameka declares she will veto Jen's nom, and most of them don't even have the backbone to question her.  Dick, of course, argues some, but even he lets it go.  So the next question is who goes up in her place.  Apparently God didn't memo Jameka on this one, so she drops out of the conversation.  Then Amber, who has tried to sell herself as such a kind, caring person, basically attacks Daniele.  Amb. claims that Daniele is too close to Nick...blah, blah, blah.  I won't even get into it.  The conclusion is that Nick will go up, and Daniele says she will vote as the group wants, though she'd like to give Nick a heads up.  It's still 2 days until the actual re-nom, so maybe something will change.

In other news, Eric and Jessica are SuperCute.  He gives her a "who's the prettiest girl?" twirl, they hide Zach's chess pieces, and then he tries to help her plays some mock contests.  They're in the bedroom, and at one point Dick in the BY announces that he's going to go "break up the fun."  But, Zach's beat him to it.  He does stalk in with a forest in front of him, and gets called Alison by Eric.  He gives his little disruption (still non-creepy; yea!) and then goes on his way.

twirl    chess    dick trees    

Sorry for the somewhat lack of caps today.  The blog-city file server is being ridiculously slow.  But you do get a cute set of captioned pics.

Daniele Plays With Fire

daniele    plays       with

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