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posted Monday, 30 July 2007

The Sunday BB show is always pretty boring for me, b/c it's so far behind what is going on in the house.  But it is an opportunity to get a sense of how the players are being edited by CBS.

Clearly, the ed's are no more fans of Zach than I am.  They've aired his streaking, his horrible stories, and drawn attention to the fact that no one seems to want to talk to him.  The one thing they haven't done is brought out how Jameka thinks he's racist b/c he wiped his hand after touching her leg.  (She mentioned this on the feeds again in the last day or so, as a point in why she would personally prefer to get rid of him, but is being so selfless by going w/the evict-Nick plan.)

Dick and Daniele's editing continues to be interesting.  They're still playing up the Dani/Nick "love story" despite the fact that anyone who has seen the feeds will tell you that it is so over, if was ever even anything.  They keep showing Dick as the one who will go ballistic over just about anything.  That's actually pretty accurate.  I like the way they showed the Amber/Dick thing about the kids vs. dogs.  Amber definitely came off as crazy as she is.  I was so glad that they aired her statement "I'm saying there's no comparison, it's just that there's a comparison!"  Huh?  Okay, Amber...whatever you say.

Speaking of not making any sense....I wish someone would explain to Dustin what the phrase "on my behalf" means.  He keeps misusing it...I can't think of specific example right now, but I've noticed that he says "on my behalf" when he means something like "for my part" or "in my best interests." I also wish they would all stop saying "do you know what I mean?"  But that's just a personal pet peeve of mine.  If I don't know what you mean, I'll ask!

Back to the show...interesting that they decided to air more of the Dick/Daniele meltdown.  When we got the little bit about her bf last week, I figured they had decided to keep the rest off the air.  But apparently they just needed more time to edit for ratings exploitation.  I think in the end, it was a fair view of what went down.  When it started out, it seemed they were trying to make Dick come off as even more of a jerk than he did if you saw the whole conversation.  And I kept thinking that for as many times as he said "I love you very much" it seemed unfair that they weren't including any.  Then they did finally put it in at the end, but in reality he said it a lot sooner.  They also made it look like she hugged him right after he asked, when really it was about 20 minutes later.  And on the feeds (and Dick confirmed this in his HOH blog) the hug seemed kind of limp on her part.  But something about the camera angle or film speed or something made it look more heartfelt on TV.  So, yeah, in the end it was a decent overview, but I think they made Dick look a tiny bit worse, and Daniele a tiny bit better.  And I think what they really accomplished is getting sentimental viewers to want to see more of these 2 together.  Good for viewers wanting to keep them both in the game, and good for trying to salvage some sort of ratings from the twist.

And speaking of twists....last night's Tool Task was the stupidest yet.  He's supposed to start a catchphrase?  Huh?  How is that even interesting?  I suppose it could be challenging for him, depending on their standards for success.  Does everyone have to start using it?  How often does it have to be said?  And on top of that, it seems that America chose the most boring option.  "I'd do that for a dollar." WTF?  The other 2 were at least mildly amusing.  So it's looking almost certainly that there is a distinct pattern to the Tool tasks....After Thurs. shows we get "who do you want nominated?" and after Tues. shows we get "who do you want evicted?" and after Sunday's we get some lame-ass "task."  The other thing that is starting to bug me is that I thought he was supposed to have a choice as to whether he went along with the tasks, yet they don't seem to be giving him the option not vote the way America says.  I've read one explanation that he is "accepting the mission" as soon as he begins campaigning, and he therefore has to follow through with the vote.  I don't think that's fair.  At some point, this could really screw up his game.

And while I'm talking about the Tool...wasn't one of the conditions that he couldn't "reveal" his role to the house?  He's been saying a lot of things lately that while they don't blatantly "out" him, they're kind of questionable.  Like in a mock contest w/Zach and Jessica, Eric asked "Which HG put mustard on Jen's shirt?"  Zach answered "Eric" and E. said that was correct.  He also has been asking people if they think there is "another twist."  Jessica said "yes, it's you!"  I think she was joking, but why risk it?  Also, what's the deal with Dick and his "I caught Eric in a lie" thing?  Sort of like how Dick was calling Kail "Mrs. Robinson" way early on.  He's getting info somewhere.  Maybe that's the twist: Dick is the Producer's Player, getting inside info from the DR. 

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