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the sh!t hath hiteth the fan!

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posted Monday, 30 July 2007


Nick was re'nomed, and I expected minor fireworks, but nothing like what actually happened.

Nick himself took the whole thing pretty well.  As usual, Amber cried, Dick went Jersey, and Daniele huddled in a corner.

amb cires    docl    damo

And then, Dick went Jersey++.  (For those of you who don't live in the vicinity of the Garden State, "going Jersey" is sort of like "going balistic," only with more attitude.  It's awesome.  :) )

Then, later on the shit really hiteth the fan.  Dick goes off on Jen, yet again.  And for some reason, Jen turns to Daniele and starts to take it out on her.  She says something that I won't repeat about Daniele and her b/f.  And Dick pours iced tea on Jen's head.  It really isn't that bad.  There wasn't that much left in the glass, and even Jen initially laughs it off.  Don't attack daddy's little girl.  It really was a mistake on Jen's part.  Yes, Dick crossed the line, but crossing it right back by attacking Dani was wrong.  And pouring tea on her head was probably an overreaction, but as he can't actually hit her...well.


And then Dick literally takes the shirt off his back and gives it to Daniele tocry on, dry her snot on, whatever.  She cries for a while, and then he re-dresses.  She goes to gets comforted by Nick.  And Nick, to his credit, tells Kail that Jen was out of line (Kail has been spending the evening talking about how Dick has shown his evil soul or something....I have a few choice words for her, but I'll save them for another day.) 


I have to admit, I downgraded ED in the likeabilty category for his rants on Jen.  But yet somehow he still ends up #1.  Daniele shoots to number 2, and Eric drops dramatically by his nasty campaigning.  NOTE TO TOOL:  STOP CAMPAIGNING AGAINST DICK:  America loves Evel Dick , and if you're Our Player, you should be his BFF.  For now.  Speaking of The Tool, don't you think he should get the weekly "Love 'em or Leave 'em, results?"  I do.

Okay, Jen gets line of the day.  Dick says "You'll be crying in the bathroom."  Jen says "You'll never be the cause of it."  Dick says "Really? I was this week."  And Jen responds with LotD "Oh, yeah? You told my period when to start?" 

Oh, and Nick gave himself a mohawk.


This doesn't even cover the half of it.  But it's 2AM where I live, so I'll leave it for now.  More later, I promise. 


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