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something's slanted here

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posted Tuesday, 31 July 2007

So first, the Tuesday show.  I think the universe is trying to make me look stupid for commenting the other day that the editing was pretty fair.  Tonight's show clearly slanted things towards those the producers want to keep around.  They made Jameka look like an idiot, and that sappy organ music every time she started talking about God/Jesus whatever. 


And they were very kind to Dick.  They left out the harshest and most incoherent comments in all of his rants.  And the fact that the teaser for Thursday was the tea-dump proves that they're not unhappy about it at all.  He was told not to do it again, but clearly it's good for ratings.

They're building up Nick and Daniele, and doing nothing for Kail.  I'm guessing (and hoping!) that Tool will be told to vote out Kail. I'm not 100% sure about this, but when Kail said in the DR that "the pawn always goes home" I could have sworn I heard a "ding" like the gameshow-right-answer sound.  It does nothing for the show to have Kail there, but keeping the Dani/Nick showmance going is good for ratings.  The fact that they keep airing the "I want to kiss you" thing is further proof.  It also makes me think that when they show the tea incident, they will make it clear that Jen's comment about Dani cheating on her b/f was Dick's last straw.  But more on that later.


I think Dustin was shown pretty much as he's been acting.  Though they really drew attention to his "selfishness."  As for Jen, she did come off looking like she threw the veto and created trouble for Jameka.  The one thing they didn't show was when she admitted it.  Just as with Dick, I'm pretty sure they want Jen to stay around.  Good for drama, and good for Showtime. 


The Tool Task was still boring.  But at least now we know the rules (I think it was 3 people say it at least twice each over the course of 5 days).  It's not looking terribly promising, but we'll see.  And apparently we are on the totally predictable Tool schedule.  So, Eric may end up in a bit of trouble if Kail is America's Choice, as he's already been campaigning against Nick. 

tool camps

Oh, and Amber cried.  Shocker.

So, back the feeds.  As of right now (10 minutes to Showtime-time) nothing much has happened since the blow-ups last night.  But the night is still young.  Very young.

Going back to the explosion, that I've had a chance to go back over the "tapes" and see the bits that I missed, I'm still coming down firmly on the Dick/Daniele side of the fight.  It is true that Dick went a little too far with the personal attacks and the obscenities.  I wish he'd keep the dialog at a slightly higher level.  And one thing I'll say on Jen's side--the fact that Vanna White clearly signed a release (otherwise we'd be getting swirlies everytime they started talking about her) probably indicates that she's not going to be bothered by anything Jen does in the house.  [Slight disclaimer: I might be wrong about the release, b/c they don't swirl out for talk of celebrities--otherwise we'd be spared Dick's name-dropping.  But I'd still think when they start talking about her private life, we'd get deep blue....still.]

Back to the fight.  Jen did throw out the comment about Daniele and her boyfriend, and that she was cheating w/Nick, for absolutely no reason.  She was fighting with Dick, Daniele was making dinner and Jen just went there.  Then right before the tea-toss, Jen walked into the kitchen and that time Daniele "started things" (this is the one Amber witnessed, which was why she was telling everyone Daniele was to blame) by asking Jen what her problem is, etc.  That's when Jen made the same comments are starting going on about "poor morals" and then got tea'ed.  Of course, just like Dick can go off on her, she can go off on Daniele.

And to sum up...5:30 AM BBT this very special episode of the Dick@Nite show ends with: 


"Thank you and goodnight!"

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