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posted Wednesday, 1 August 2007

I'm not at all sure what's going on with Tool.  I figured it was a sure thing that AC to evict would be Kail.  Nick's popularity w/viewers is way higher than hers, and people like showmance.  But Eric is clearly still on a a kick-nick-out kick.  So, either Nick was AC, or Eric saw AC and said "screw that" and declined the task (I believe he does have that option).  I had this image of him opening the envelope and seeing Kail, looking at the camera and say "what are you doing to me, America?"  This may be where we find out if he's really our Player, or only when he likes our choices.

The other possibility is that Eric's own popularity influenced the vote.  People might have decided they didn't want to put him in the position again of going against his other alliance (I say "other" b/c aren't we his alliance of 10 million?).  Or people may have thought if there's a mystery vote again, when it clearly can't be Nick, it would get blamed on Daniele.  So her popularity could play into things.

Or, maybe Eric will have to vote to evict Kail, but he doesn't want to be under any suspicion so he's "throwing" the task.  Or my last theory, maybe he's planning to stage something today that would cause the house to turn on Kail and then say "we should get her out."  I don't know what he could stage to do that...maybe get her to attack Jessica in some way or something (but again, how could he do that), while it's a nice theory, even I realize it's very, very far-fetched. Unless the producers are coming up with some plan for him. 

Or, while blaming the producers, maybe they're not counting our votes ever and just told him Nick was America's Choice to go.  Now that's a theory I've had all along...CBS has the voting, but announce whatever results they want.  If they are doing that, and it was proved, I wonder if the people who paid for text msg votes could sue?  Probably's probably something like a're not guaranteed anything in return for giving them money, so there's no breach of promise or whatever.  I've been convinced for a while that certain things are manipulated.  Like the veto balls.  Jameka may believe God intended for her name to be drawn, but I say it was CBS.  And, I'm am pretty darn sure that none of the women's names were in the bag for the head-shaving veto comp. last year.  I just don't believe they would risk what could happen to ratings if they had bald women running around the house.  You could say, well, the women just wouldn't agree to shave their heads, but then they'd say the comp. was unfair b/c not everyone had an equal shot.

We've always suspected that the DR tells them exactly what to do and say in some cases.  And the oopsie from early this season where a big chunk of audio from a Kail DR slipped out proved it (we hear the voice telling her "say blah, blah, blah...").  Last night Eric and Dick were having a conversation about how "they" put words in the hamsters' mouths and get them to say things they don't mean.

So, the last thing in my ramble today is a bit of a 'told ya so.'  Not that I was the only one to catch it, but didn't I say on feed-day #1 that Dick would be the one to catch on that there was something up with Eric?  Early this morning, Dick and Daniele were talking and he said something about why does the DR give him so much information?  He knows something is up.  Of course, the other question is, why does the DR give Dick so much information?  Or if it's not the DR, where is he getting it?  Where did he hear the term "Mrs. Robinson" for the Kail+beefcake boys alliance?  Kail never said it (she apparently has never even seen "The Graduate").  I think it was Zach who said it in the DR on the second show, so I suppose maybe he said it in the house.  But still.  And what's this mysterious "lie" that Dick caught Eric in Week 1?  And how does he know it's a lie? Etc. etc. etc.

Another little tidbit from the same conversation was Dick said to Daniele "they must have been thrilled when we got together...when did we make that alliance, Day 1?"  And Dani said, "well, what did they expect?"  Could have been an intentionally dropped comment, but it does make it seem like they weren't 100% aware they were both going to be in the house.  Obviously, the knew it was a possibility, and as soon as the twist was revealed they knew they'd be meeting up soon.  They also talked about watching past seasons together, but that's not news.  Though I think it's true that they aren't quite as "estranged" as they/the prods would like us to believe, I still say their issues are real.  Either way, I find them both entertaining and hope they stay around for a while. 

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