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houseguests, the power is up for grabs

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posted Wednesday, 1 August 2007

There's pretty much nothing going on in the house right now.  It seems most likely that Nick'll be kicked tomorrow, which is too bad.  But as usual, I don't care too much which of the two goes.  It sounds like Tool was given his marching orders to fight for Nick to stay/Kail to go.  He did say he was going to play "devil's advocate" in an LNC meeting tonight.  We'll see.  I guess I can hope that either he does manage to flip the vote, or he ends up being the one vote and Dick figures it out.  B/c that would raise some hell in the house too.


They were shuffled inside multiple times today, supposedly due to banner planes.  Even the HGs are talking about it might be planes trying to tell them something.  From what I've read the banners say things like "We see DR; Trust Nick; Eric lies."  At one point today Amber started going on and on about how much the prods tamper with the game, and basically said that they tried to get her to vote for Nick to stay.  Next thing we know she's called into the DR and gets her hand smacked. [I could have sworn I grabbed some screen caps of Amber bitching about production...but it seems my computer doesn't like looking at her, or listening to her anymore than I do.  So instead you get "Zach molests Dustin."]


Now they're on a 24 hour indoor lockdown while BB sets up the HOH comp.  Probably endurance.  It's the right week for it, and just makes sense.  It occurred to me a few days ago that Dick will probably suck at endurance b/c he can't go that long without a smoke.  What I didn't think of was that he'd also have to go so long before the comp.  I saw somewhere that he's got a nicotine patch.  I doubt BB would give it to him (since they won't give people cigarettes if they run out), so if it's true he brought them himself...what foresight.  

last cig

So, with nothing else to do, I think I'll run through my thoughts on HOH:

Dustin: can't compete, irrelevant.

I'm assuming Nick's going, but if he stays, he has a shot...and that would be awesome.  Sweet revenge. 

Amber: She'll start crying or something.  I'll be shocked if she wins an endurance comp.  And she'd be almost last on my list of choices.

Daniele: She's kind of little, but also kind of spunky.  She could be good at endurance.  I'd love to see her get HOH and put Jen and Kail up *again* and send one of them packing this time.

Dick: See above.  I'll be shocked if he gets it.  Wouldn't mind him, but I'd rather see someone else get a shot.

Eric: He'll throw it.

Jameka: God only knows. ;)  She could be a good one at endurance.  If she gets HOH I think she'll target Zach, but she could just as easily go after Dick and Daniele.

Jen: Good shot at endurance, but I hope she doesn't get it.

Jessica:  I bet she could get it if she wanted.  But if she's smart she'll throw it.  No one is after her right now.

Kail:  Dick will probably manage to rattle her.  But if not, she's got a decent shot with endurance.  I really don't want to see her in HOH again. 

Zach:  The way things have been going this season, he's probably next up for HOH.  Everyone hates him, and though he's not quite everyone's #1 target anymore, he's definitely in jeopardy.  I kind of wouldn't mind him as HOH, b/c he's the most likely to really stir things up with his noms.

So, I'm going to say I don't want a repeat HOH; give someone else a chance.  Given that, the ones I *don't* want are Amber, Jameka, and Eric (in that order).  Jessica, I kind of don't care.  That leaves Daniele and Zach, and as I said, Dani would be my first choice, but it would be kind of funny if Zach got it and nominated, say, Jameka and Amber. 

 jess    dani

And here's your gratuitous cap of the day:

skin pic

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