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posted Thursday, 2 August 2007

So, last night there were some disturbing echoes of Season 6 in the BB house.  They were on a 24 hour lockdown due to setup of the (probably) endurance comp. for tonight.  Jameka, Jessica, Eric and Amber were in the HOH bed watching the spyscreen.  Jen was in there at one point, and I think Dustin was wandering around as well.  So, the group is watching Dick wander around downstairs and constantly asking "what's he doing?" in between talking about how much they hate him.  Maggie? Ivette? April? Beau?  When did you all get back in the house?

Meanwhile downstairs, the rest of them are having fun.  Dick rigs the faucet to spray again, then forgets he's done it, and ends up soaking himself.  I haven't heard him laugh at anyone else near as much as he laughed at himself ("Well, that was brilliant motherf*cker!") Good natured laughter the whole time.  No one was around, but he knew the cameras got it, and commented to them/us.  What he didn't know, of course, was that the HOH crew was watching too.

Or were they?  Because after changing his shirt, Dick re-rigs the faucet.  The New Nerd Herd sees this and starts whining about how they're sooo over his childish pranks, blah blah blah.  Someone should teach him a lesson, and he can't take what he dishes out.  (Apparently, Dustin spiked Dick's iced tea w/soy sauce earlier, and Dick didn't appreciate it.  They were saying "how can he complain about that when he sprays people with the faucet, and dumps flour in the shower?"  Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I see a big difference between getting water, flour, or iced tea all over a person, and messing with something a person is eating or drinking.  While I might not enjoy having iced tea dumped on my head, I can just go wash it off.  But if I drink a glass, or even one mouthful, of soy sauce, I might get rather sick. (Not to mention what all that sodium would do to one's b.p.)

Anyway, either they didn't see Dick get himself, or just chose to ignore it, so Jen marched down to "pretend" to use the sink, but stepped out of the line of fire and drenched Dick and Zach instead.  We were deprived seeing that on the feeds (though I would not be shot if it makes tonight's show and is presented as her revenge for the tea), but we did see the aftermath.  Dick was clearly amused, not mad, though he did throw his usual choice words at Jen.  He also said it didn't top the iced tea.  "Iced tea?" Jen asked.  "The one I topped you with, bitch" he retorted.  Jen trots back up to HOH to proclaim her victory, but dwells on how he cussed her out.  And doesn't at all explain that he was clearly amused. 

All this time, Nick and Dani are cuddled up in the little bedroom.  The HOH group are talking tons of trash about both of them, esp. her.  Whatever.  That's BB.  She hates them all, too.  And is pretty upfront about it.  Unlike Amber, who for some reason is all over Eric (I guess now that Nick's leaving she needs a new leg to grab), talking about how much Nick "has to go" but then to his face, cries about how much she loves him.

Back downstairs we get one of the oddest amusements of BB8 to date.  See, Zach had been wearing a red shirt.  After drenching himself Dick had changed into a red shirt.  When they come in to tell Nick and Dani what happened w/Jen and to change into dry clothes, Nick comments that Zach will have to be sure to put on the same color shirt as Dick.  We then proceed to have them go through about a dozen wardrobe changes.  Zach does an amazing job of single-white-female'ing Dick.  Eventually things deteriorated into a food fight/door barring, whatever.  The fun ended when Zach got upset about flour or something on his nice jacket.  Dick pointed out that it could be cleaned off, and (I think) even offered to do it.  Zach turned him down, and asked him to back off; he was a little pissed.  From what I saw, Dick respected that and went off to do something else.

The whole night just reminded me of S6 with Janelle and Howie running around downstairs having fun, and the Nerd Herd up in HOH watching them and saying how stupid and immature they are.

And I'll say this for Dick.  Every time he's set off the faucet, he's been the one to clean up the water.  He can take exactly what he dishes out.  He'd love it if Jen would yell back at him as he yells at her.  But he's never gone so far as to do permanent damage to anyone's property.  Which is more than we can say for the Tool.  Remember: the task as decided on by BB was to vandalize a houseguest's personal property. And remember...right before that happened, Jen told Dick that she had askd BB if she would get in trouble for throwing all of someone's cigarettes in the pool and if they would replace them.  They told her they wouldn't replace them (BB's policy has always been that they don't provide cigs) and that she wouldn't get in trouble b/c it wasn't a physical attack.  Jen then said that she wouldn't do it, though, b/c it's wrong to mess with someone's stuff.  Dick agreed, and even reminded her of that when mustard-gate happened and he was a suspect.  She probably thinks he did it, that he was lying, and maybe even that her cigarette comment incited him.

So to sum up my little rant, I'm not saying Dick's perfect.  He does some things I really don't like.  But he's pretty damn entertaining.  And I'd rather put up with his spitting and cussing, and get the water pranks and "hide the bunny" games and such, than listen to the sanctimonious crap we get out of the rest of them.  And as for Jen, she really does nothing for me.  It's true she's not sitting around spewing bile the way Amber, Dustin, etc. are.  But she's not doing much else either.  And since women popping out of their bikinis is completely uninteresting, and mildly offensive, to me, the only purpose I think she serves in the house is as a foil to Evel Dick.  Keep her around for that, sure.  And maybe she'll even figure out that she's a lot better off keeping him around, too.

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