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da plane! da plane!

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posted Friday, 3 August 2007

The drama is definitely picking up in the BB house.

Before the liveshow I was starting to wonder if my conspiracy theory of Tool managing to get Kail out by having something happen so the hamsters would suddenly hate her was going to come true.  They were on their weekly house cleaning duty.  Kail apparently told Amber that she wasn't going to clean b/c she was on slop and that was like a "disability."  This pissed Amber off.  For once I agreed with Amber.  A bunch of other people were on slop and they were cleaning, as they all have every week.  Dick does more work around the house than any of them, washing dishes, doing laundry, straightening the yard, etc. on a daily basis...and yesterday I saw him vacuuming (he'd make someone a great wife Tongue out ).  So Amber goes off on Kail.

Meanwhile, Dick goes off on Jen.  I know-surprise, surprise.  And it wasn't really justified (he was accusing her of not helping clean either, and she'd just been in with Amber scrubbing the bathroom).  Now, it was true that she was just sitting at the counter, while Jameka was literally on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor (I had to wonder how the floor needed to be clean given all the sink sprayings, but whatever).  Of course, Dick was not helping her either, just puttering around with the golf club.  (Though, I think the reason he picked up the club in the first place was that he was going to try to make some sort of mop with it to help clean the kitchen floor, but Jameka told him not to bother.)  Anyway, as he's yelling at Jen, he keeps raising the club over his shoulder (kind of like a baseball bat) and it sort of looked like he might take a swing at her.  But as the argument reached it's climax, he put the club down on the counter.  Then he picked it up, and hit the counter with it before walking away.

Then we get a DR oopsie (or was it?) of Kail sounding almost as if she might be requesting to go home.  We get a couple of hours of swirlies and people out here start speculating that Kail is walking and/or Dick is being ejected (for "physical assault" with the club).  The Kail thing was possible (not that she'd walk out, but that the votes were being flipped at her request....thus my conspiracy theory thoughts), but no way Dick was in trouble--the kitchen counter is not a houseguest (though Dick later accused Eric of having an alliance with it), and besides, he didn't even hit it that hard.  In fact, I thought the incident wasn't even as bad as tea-pour.

We finally get a peek back in and see that everyone's still there.  Zach has taken revenge for the jacket incident by dumping flour on a sleeping ED, and Nick seems pretty much at peace with his upcoming trip out to Julie-land.  Nick and Daniele sit on the bed and make eyes at each other.  She's wearing one of the least attractive tops I've ever seen, but still manages to look cute.

On to the show itself, I thought the edit of the fighting, etc. was more fair than the last ep.  The only thing they didn't show was the first time Jen started talking crap to Dani in the kitchen (i.e. the incident that proves Amber missed the "Jen started it" part of the whole thing).  But the comments in the bathroom served the same purpose, and also showed Jen saying things about Dick to Dani, which made it look like that was the big issue, not as much what Jen said about Dani's personal life.  I also thought Daniele came off pretty well as being able to stand up for herself, and without resorting to the constant stream of obscenities that Dick and Nick were using on Jen.

For the Julie chats, I find it bizarre that for the second time Dustin said he's taking his "girlfriend" to Barbados.  On the feeds he said his Mom, so maybe that's what he calls her.  Or maybe he's delusional and thinks the TV viewers don't know he's gay?  Or he means girlfriend in the non-dating way, but that's still an odd way to phrase it.  Jen's response to the tea question made sure the audience knew it was NBD, and Dick's refusal to apologize was predictable.  The best part was the Chenbot bursting out laughing when Jameka said that God wanted her in the game "hopefully to win."

The votes were expected, Nick out 6-2, proving to the HGs that he wasn't the rogue voter.  That and everything about his departure--his speech to Daniele, his reaction to finding out about the Tool--were proof that they should have kept him.  Which brings us to the plane.

They'd already been suspecting that the planes were about Nick.  And it would seem that someone out here finally had a lightbulb moment, and realized if they sent a plane when the hamsters were in the yard for the endurance comp. BB wouldn't be able to get them inside fast enough.  So it would seem that at least part of the reason we feeders didn't get most of the comp. was b/c of the plane.  Apparently the banner said "We {heart} Nick!  Amber & Eric are  liars! LNC is the Nerd Herd!"  The first 2 weren't really news to most of them, just solidified some suspicions.

With the banner to back her up, Daniele is now able to convince her Dad that they should have kept Nick.  She does a lot of "I told you!"s and "no one listens to me!"s.  Dick goes on and on about how brilliant his little girl is.  They are suddenly a lot closer than they've been.  Hugs all around, and "I love you"s were exchanged.

So, the plan is to nom. Kail and Jen (again!), and someone gets POV, vetoes Jen (again) and Eric goes up and out.  They decide they can trust Jessica, and clue her in on the plan.  She says "yeah, yeah, yeah" but then almost immediately runs and tells Eric everything.  He promises her he'll take her to F2 if they're in F3.  She seems to agree to this "alliance"...but then she seemed to be agreeing to help D&D.  There is all sorts of potential for trouble this week.  Dick is ticked at himself for not keeping Nick.  He realizes that had they not kicked Nick, Dick and Daniele would have Nick and Zach right now.  He's figured out that the rest of the LNC is a lost cause, though he foolishly still seems to trust Jessica.  He hasn't quite correctly interpreted the NH analogy...thinks it's the God Alliance thing.  What he needs to realize is that Jess is April.  A cuter, more lovable version, but still.

And for us, the worst part is that now Evel is getting totally paranoid.  He was skulking around the house early this morning, as if he was expecting a troll to jump out at him.  He also informed us that he was thinking of canceling the dick @ nite show b/c he's worried the HGs are overhearing him.  He did say maybe it would be okay if he was back by the pool/hammock instead of on the couches.  Of course, he's wrong.  No one has heard him, and if he stops doing that he's going to lose points with us.  Also, he's started whispering a lot more, which is annoying.

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