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oh, dani girl

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posted Friday, 3 August 2007

the pipes, the pipes are calling....

Sorry....couldn't help it.

Daniele won HOH.  It took forevvvvver for the feeds to come back, so we were deprived of most of the endurance comp.  By the time we got something, everyone but Jessica, Daniele, Jen and Kail were out, and Jess dropped shortly afterwards.  All cams were on Dani and Kail, so it was clear it was going to come down to them.  Lots of trash talkin' from the guys, Jessica dropped for an unknown reason and Jen got DQ'ed on the swirlies....Kail, who was about to go, dropped shortly afterwards, with a promise from D. that even if she was nom'ed, she was safe.

So, I get my HOH wish.  And Dani, who is not an idiot, tells her Dad that Eric must be the mystery voter. Umhmm.  I won't speculate on who she'll nom, or who will go home.  But instead, you get lots of pics from the endurance comp., the HOH perp walk, and my girl Dani as HOH.  And we get another 2 weeks at least of Dick @ Nite.  Yea!




And the girls are nervousing.....

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