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dude, you're a Tool!

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posted Friday, 3 August 2007

Hey, Evel Dick stole my line!

The drama stepped up another notch in the BB house today.  The veto comp. was played, and much stuff was stirred up as a result.  Dick and Daniele made the rounds outing the Tool.  It wasn't looking good for a while, and yes, we're still 5 days out, but at this point it looks like they might have flipped the house.

More on that later.  But first (hi Julie!)...the most shocking moment yet in the BB8 house

handshake   hug

Both handshake and hug happened so fast I almost missed the screen caps, so sorry for the slightly fuzzy quality.  Here's the backstory....earlier, before the POV we got a weird "oopsie" on the feeds.  The swirlies had gone to trivia, and it seemed the comp. must be underway.  Suddenly the trivia was gone and the feeds were back.  Huh?  Shortest POV ever?  No.  Just another Dick and Jen show.  See Dick throw Jen's clothes around the room.  See Jen stomp on Dick's cigarettes...well, we didn't actual see either, so it's not clear who started it.  But wow, were they both pissed.  Then, back to trivia...a much more reasonable amount of time later, we're back and Jen's won the POV.  More on that later.  And more on the post-veto fallout.  Dick approaches Jen in the BY.  Tells her flat out that he's gone too far and he knows it.  He says if she'll leave Daniele alone, he'll leave Jen alone.  He does say he won't promise to never say anything Dick-like again, esp. when it comes to trash-talking in comps. and such. But he does promise to knock off the really obscene sexual comments, the personal attacks, and the most vile of the bile.  (Note from Mysti: Thank you!  That's all I wanted...just raise the debate to slightly more civil level.)  Anyway, they go up to HOH to finish the chat, b/c everyone is around downstairs.  They spill all on Eric to each other.  Jen points out how everyone thinks they're Eric's "number 1."  Dick explains the lie he caught Eric in, week 1.  Apparently he'd been up in HOH talking and laughing with Jen and Kail.  Dick was downstairs and could hear them (which also explains why ED whispers even in the HOH room).  When Eric came downstairs Dick asked him about his "visit" and he claimed he'd been sleeping.  This is when Dick said (to Jen today) "Dude you're a Tool!"  Dude, you stole my line!  Anyway, they also both realize that they are in fact the two most honest people in the game.  And even if they don't particularly like each other, they at least can trust each other.  And that if they don't team up, they're going to be the constant targets and the rest of the house is just sitting pretty.  Jen says it will be suspicious if they're suddenly friendly.  Dick agrees and gets second LotD "well, yeah.  We're not going to be like fuckin' Dustin and Amber.  You're not going to be sitting in my lap and I'm not going to be rubbing my hands all over you."  (Which was a particularly funny image with Jen in the bunny suit.)  The handshake I almost saw coming.  It seemed likely he'd offer, though she might refuse to touch his "cigarette stinky" hands.  But a hug?  No way.  Not in a million years.  I guess Dick's just really happy that he may have pulled his and his daughter's tushies out of the line of fire a little bit.  In case you missed it... 

and a hug

So, to step back a bit.  Yesterday Daniele made the expected nominations, Kail and Jen.  They picked POV players...Zach, Dustin, and Jameka....but Jameka was a HG choice, so maybe God didn't tell her to win it this time.  Big Brother gave them over-sized croquet stuff and told them it "might help in a future competition."  Some of them figured that was for today's POV and practiced.  No one seems to remember the Queen of Hearts and her "off with her head!" from Alice in Wonderland, but whatever.  And why did BB change the bench cushions to last years?  Hmmm????

croq    red

Oh, and funny moment....right before POV, Dick instructs the camera to get a good look at Amber (who will be hosting the comp.)'s like the 3rd time in a month she's been out of those skanky sweats she always wears (who's this year's Erika?).  Even after joking about it, Dick tells her in all seriousness that she'd be doing herself a service by dressing better.  Uh, Dick? You're giving fashion advice?  Not that it's wrong, but charity begins at home.  And while I'm on the subject, why, oh why does Dick carry his empty wallet everyday in the BB house?  Is the chain that much of a fashion statement?  (He's said several times that BB took everything except a fortune cookie fortune, including a bus ticket from Dublin to Kilkenny.)

no sweat

They play the POV, and I have no idea if croquet came into it.  But a lot of other stuff did.  It was another bidding/temptation/punishment thing.  From what I can gather, they placed bids on things, and higher bidders got them, low bidders were out, and those in the middle were good.  There was also apparently some chance to get $10K that no one took after learning from Dustin's faux pas last week.

When the feeds come back, they're all wearing bunny suits, which at first I thought were just comp costumes.  I was just starting to wonder why they weren't changing out of them, when someone mentioned that Dani, Jen, Kail, and Zach have to wear them for the next 5 days.  The same ppl plus Jameka have to dump some sort of gunk over their heads once an hour for the next 24 hours.  Jameka and Kail gave up the right to play in the next 5 HOH comps. (!!) Kail and Jen are on slop for 30 days.  And Jen gave up $250,000 if she wins the game. (!!!!)  And that won her the pretty necklace to go with her bunny suit.  Her thing was that this proves she's not here for the money.  Dick's thing was that it proves she knows she has no chance to win.

dani    bunny kail    jen veto

Next up, the conferencing.  Dick and Daniele chat w/Jessica...Jen...Kail...Dustin...Jameka.  They are convinced that they have Zach's vote in their pocket (I tend to agree, but they prolly should check in with him).  Jessica's not on-board until she hears from Jen.  Jen tells Jess some of the things that Eric has said behind Jess' back (much of it going back to when AC told Tool to get Jessica nominated when Jen was HOH).  It is very much like when Erika and Janelle got together last year.  Jess is pissed.


But then she checks in with Dustin and Jameka.  Both say they don't buy it.  They think Dick is still up to no good.  They're not sure why Jen is helping him.  The banner's playing into this, but not as much as what has actually gone on in the house.  Jameka has the best explanation for how it's all a spool of lies...they've picked Eric as the repl-nom, and need to convince the house to vote him out, and Jen wants to save Kail.  The sad thing is that the outcast-alliance is actually right.  There is one piece of the puzzle they don't have, but still.  It's all true.  And, honestly, someone from the new-nerd-herd needs to go, or the balance in the house will be so off that we'll end up with Big Boredom.  If we end up with an F2 of any combination of Amber/Dustin/Jameka/Zach/Kail I will kill myself.  And Eric is bad for Jessica.  He gets her talking trash big time.  They can be cute together, but he's too apt to go too far into the negative crap.  I have a lot of thoughts on the Tool and the Banner...but I'll save that for another day.  

Bunny Dunking

bunnies    dunking    shower

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