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Neither a borrower nor a lender be....

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posted Friday, 13 July 2007

On Thursday night's show we find out that the big rift between Dick and Daniele was over money owed, kind of like Carol and Jessica's $5 feud.  Huh?  Next I suppose they're going to tell us that Dustin and Joe broke up b/c one of them stole from the other's piggy bank.  Whatever.  It seems if there is an "untwist" it's only from the players.  The producers don't seem to have any deeper plans.  Another dud of a twist.

America allegedly voted for The Tool to vote to evict Carol.  I say allegedly not b/c I don't believe it, but because it has struck me that they're not telling us anything about the voting.  No percentages, nothing.  Not they couldn't lie about those too.  But I'm starting to wonder if they're not just collecting their $0.99 from the txt msg votes and telling Tool to do whatever they want. Another dud of a twist.

Then it was on to the HOH comp.  Majority rules...and then the tie-breaker question.  "How many gallons of water would the teacup in the backyard hold?"...Jen guessed 40, everyone else guessed 1000+...just as I was thinking 'how dumb is Jen?' Julie explains that "because of the opening the teacup would only hold 9 gallons of water"  So, as she predicted, Jen is HOH.  The fact that it was probably/possibly fixed bugs me a little...the fact that Jen announced her "win" in advance bugs me a lot more.  We're getting lots of "it's fixed for her" comments, very reminiscent of how people reacted to Janelle's wins.  It's clear that Jen is supposed to be this year's Janelle.  She's no JanieDoll....but it is quite possible that the prods are still trying to figure out exactly how to recreate her popularity.  But one thing I'll say--if the fix was in for Janelle she either didn't really know it, or at least had the sense to never mention it.  But however Jen won it, she won it.  And it does seem she's going to make this week more interesting than last.


And immediately, everyone who was talking so much about getting her out this week is suddenly trying to be her new best friend.


We get our first HOH perp walk.  They all go in and fawn over Jen's stuff, as usual.  Except Dick, who refuses to play.  Jen hates her pictures...something about how they got them from her Mom and not from her friend as she requested.  So they're all family pics, and most are kind of old.  She complains, threatens to take them down.  Apparently she has photo issues.

HOH perp walk    jenho    hoh crowd    dick won't go

And just in time for Showtime, Jen's got on her newest bikini.  And once again she shows us that she knows her role.




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