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I mean, like, no offense....

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posted Sunday, 15 July 2007

Seems to be Jen's tag line.  But like most people who say "no offense" or "don't take this the wrong way" she really doesn't care if she offends anyone.

Here's where we are:  They had a food competition that apparently had something to do with tasting odd mixtures and identifying the ingredients.  There also seems to have been a component of insulting each other (or maybe that just happened b/c of they way they all are).  We come back from the whirlpool to find that all the girls and Joe are on slop (except Jen, of course, as HOH), and there seem to be some hurt feelings.

Later on we get more whirlpool for the nomination ceremony...we come back to find Jameka in tears.  Huh?  Has she been nominated.  Apparently no, she's just affected by the sadness of having father and daughter against each other.  Neither of them seem terribly fazed, though Daniele is a little more upset about it.  She thinks, and everyone agrees, that she'll go home over Dick no matter what.  Jen, who turns out to be a lot smarter than anyone gave her credit for, is upfront about the fact that she knows this, and is totally targeting Daniele.  She says she put Dick against her b/c he'd be a vote in her favor.  And she doesn't care if he happens to end up going home.  It also gives Dick and Dani a little bit of an excuse for some bonding.

jameka cries    dick nom'd    dani nom'd    bonding

After a while, I started to support the idea of sending Daniele home.  My only reason is that her whisper-game is "strong to quite strong" (©Dr. Will).  She manages to be completely silent, which is really freakin' annoying.  That's the worst part of the feeds for me--trying to pick up the faint whispers.  For some reason it makes me sick to my stomach straining to hear them.  And then, I have my volume turned all the way up, and they start talking normally or a plane flies over and damages my eardrum.

They pick players for the veto, and Amber starts to flip out about what she should do.  If she wins it, she feels she can't use it b/c Dustin would go up.  But if she doesn't win it, and someone else does and uses it she could go up.  At one point she decides she should win it, but not use it, going back to her idea of "respecting the HOH's noms"....she seems to miss the obvious solution of throwing it to Jen. 

But it turns out not to matter as the veto seems random.  The "competition" apparently was some sort of gift swap Christmas theme thing. They got packages to open and Dani got the veto, Dick got a plasma TV, Amber and Kail ended up handcuffed together for 24 hours, and Jen has to wear some sort of red spandex unitard thing for the rest of the week.  The unitard is pretty funny mainly b/c she can't wear any of her ill-fitting bikinis.

chained    unitard

So now we're into the re-nom chatter.  Everyone's offering up Joe, and Jen seemed not to be buying it.  She had a whole plan to put up Nick, with the idea that he's probably safe, but if he goes, she's okay with that.  But then Nick throws a wrench in that plan by approaching her and telling her all about the Mrs. Robinson alliance.  She seems impressed and now she's considering Joe again. They end with an awkward hug.


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