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Joe's pun intended

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posted Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Check "America's Tool" for the story of Eric climbing into bed with Joe as his "task."  The really creepy part was that after Eric wandered back to his own bed, Joe apparently found the whole experience so...uh...exciting?...that he...well, use your imagination.  Or don't if you prefer (and yes, Jessica was sleeping right beside him while he took care of things).   I don't have any pics of that (thank gawd, I didn't see it, just read about it).

Later that day, the veto ceremony and re-nom went exactly as most recently predicted.  Dani vetoed herself off and Jen nominated Joe.  She's apparently using some "I hate the smokers" explanation.  Also, she's pretty sure Evel is staying, so she's saying she's fine with Joe going and told ED that she only nominated him so he wouldn't have to vote against Dani...her real target.  I guess she's overlooking the fact that no matter how much of "enemies" they may be, she's still his daughter, and he's probably not going to look too kindly on anyone targeting her.

jen    joe    dick

It's pretty clear Joe's going.  But they're doing the usual Tuesday Night Waffling..blah blah blah.  The biggest scandal is that Nick has "outed" the Mrs. Robinson alliance to everyone:  Daniele, Dick, Jen...etc.  It kept him off the block, but it will definitely blow his trustworthiness with the alliance, and make him the first sacrifice (he already was, so no great loss).  He is still telling Kail and the boys that he's just being the "silent partner" but no one's really buying it.

nick    kail

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