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I see dead hamsters

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posted Thursday, 12 July 2007

I'm still rather disappointed with the livefeeds this year.  I can't really decide if this crop of hamsters is as boring as all get-out, or if I was spoiled by AllStars.  The feeds were so boring last night that I went and watched youtubes of BB7 instead.  I also went back and looked at the daily feed summaries for last year, and around this time they weren't doing anything dramatically different.  Playing kickball, evicting Alison, blah blah blah.  But somehow it seemed more fun.  I think part of it was that they were AllStars; they'd all been through this once before and knew that they were there to entertain us.  Also, they had agreed to return, so they knew exactly what they were getting into, and they knew all the rules and schedules and so forth.

It's pretty clear that Carol is going.  She was so blatantly ignored by the rest of them last night that she might as well have been dead.  And she's pretty well resigned to it as well.  She wasn't even wearing her mic most of last night and BB didn't bother to yell at her.  I guess she's officially a non-hamster now.  I can't tell what the Tool was told to do.  He was chatting with Jen and said something about the vote being 9-2.  We assume Jen is one of the 2, so is Tool the other?  I'm pretty sure that's how it will go down...even if Joe voted for Carol to stay (which seems unlikely based on how he's been acting), and there is an untwist and Jess voted for Carol to stay, she'd still need 2 more.  At one point Tuesday night, it really seemed the Mrs. Robinson alliance was going to flip it and Zach and Mike would keep Carol, but for some unknown reason they dropped that.

Speaking of Mrs. R, they finally had the conversation where Kail asked what it was a reference to.  As I said a few days ago, I'd bet she's ready to rename the alliance after hearing that. I'd call them Wendy and the Lost Boys, but no one asked me.

Jen's now going around telling people that she thinks she's won HOH this if it's already happened.  It's unclear (to me anyway) if they've done any HOH practice that she might have thought was real or if she had a DR convo...or if she's just misdirecting..or if she really has been guaranteed a win.  She also seems to be convinced it will be some sort of Carol-oriented comp. (akin to last year's Alison Rules) and that she knows more about Carol than the rest.  While it's quite possible she's correctly guessing the comp. all on her own, I really hope she doesn't have a guaranteed win.  As fun as it could be to see her as HOH this week, and as much as I don't mind some producer interference, I'd like to think there is some measure of fairness/gameplay/etc. going on here.  Or at least make them stop talking about it so much and let us have a little bit of delusion.

I'm not sure what I'd like to see happen tonight or this week.  Really, I just want them to look alive in there! 

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