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tuesday night waffling

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posted Tuesday, 10 July 2007

[Note: check "America's Tool" to the right after each show for updates.]

Okay, I have to admit, I was surprised CBS let us tell Tool who to vote out.  I didn't expect that until later...though upon reflection, it makes more sense now, when he's one of 11 votes, not one of, say, 4.  But I wonder if we'll get to tell him how to vote every week?  He'll have to figure out double-evictions on his own.  And if he gets HOH, do we get to tell him who to nominate?

I say get Amber out.  See "America's Tool" page for my reasoning.  I think the producers want Carol to stay, too.  As it seems do most people outside the house. 

The Senator would be proud.  The First Daughter is campaigning hard.  Early on people were faulting her for "wanting to go."  She definitely isn't of that opinion now, so if that's all the had against her, they should keep her.  Amber, on the other hand, is nowhere to be seen.  She's been so sure she's staying since day 1 (so sure she wasn't even going to use the veto if she won it--yeah, right) that she hasn't been working for it.  If it's true that Jessica is really on Carol's side, Amber is in trouble.  She's confident that Jess's is one vote she has for sure.  Even as I type, Carol is saying that she needs Eric, and Jessica is confirming that "Eric will be tough for either one of you; he's hard to read."  The producers are in total control....or maybe, just maybe, we are.

carol works nick    carol works jameka    carol give jameka the finger    carol works jess

Carol's spending the evening making the rounds.  And when Jameka says "God told [her] to vote to keep Amber" that a meaningful gesture from Carol?  She whispered with Jessica, and it seems like they're untwisted just as Dick and Daniele are.  But they're doing the best of disguising it.  As soon as Carol leaves the room, Jess starts talking trash about her.  Wouldn't it be ironic if the least convincing rivalry, convinced the houseguests the most? 

Not much to say about the show.  They glossed over the HOH fight during the veto comp, and over the fact that veto comp took 5 hours.  They made the Tool look a lot more coherent than he really was, but that's no surprise.  They at least confirmed that Kail was AC, and the tears were fake.  But they also had Kail saying Eric's so sensitive blah, blah, blah....who knows when she really said that and if it had anything to do with Eric's fake tale of woe.  They also continue to make Jen the's hard to say it's unfair.  She "knows [her] role" (direct quote from Jen tonight, ©Chilltown, confirming her "coaching")...and just to play along, here are some gratuitous screen caps for your viewing pleasure:

butt           arch           hole in the suit

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