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no soup for you!

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posted Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Where to begin?

Not a whole lot happened on the feeds yesterday.  Eric the Tool did execute task #1, we're assuming.  He told Kail an obviously untrue story about having g/f in high school/college who was anorexic, and that this memory made him respond the way that he did to Daniele.  First place, Eric is the worst actor ever.  He had likes, umms, yannos, etc. every other word.  He couldn't maintain eye contact with Kail.  And he wasn't making any sense.  He's clearly never actually been close to someone who had an eating disorder.  His description of the behavior of his imaginary girlfriend was not realistic.  And anyone who's been paying attention would realize that his behavior toward Dani wouldn't make sense if this story were true.  Or he's a complete insensitive lout.

I guess he gets credit for the task, even though it didn't look like Kail was really buying it.  It also showed that he is totally the producers' pawn.  They've been focusing on Dani's eating, and comments about her weight since way before this came up.  Admittedly, it's hard to ignore the issue, but do they really need to zoom in on her face every time she puts something in her mouth? I'm not sure why Kail won (or lost) and had to hear the story.  Could be that people thought it would be hard for him to get to her since she hides in HOH all day; but he's been up there whining at her before.  Could be that people thought a mother of 3 teenagers had the best b.s. detector and would catch that it was a made up story; but a blind, deaf, mildly intelligent potato would have caught that.  Could be that people like her, or really dislike her.  Could be that everyone thought the task was lame and only 17 people voted, and half of them were her friends and family.  Who knows?  And, seriously, who cares?

Though I will say, in the area of "things that make you go 'hmmm'..." a poll on jokersupdates of who should be Eric's victim, had Kail barely in the top half (Dani and Dick were the leading choices).  And while it's not necessarily the case that readers of JU would be a microcosm of all viewers/voters, you'd think it would be somewhat representative.  Maybe all the "internet people" thought the task was stupid, so it was mostly TV-only viewers that voted, and they don't really know most of the HGs yet.  Or maybe, just maybe, the producers decided who was going to win and lied to us.  [And before anyone brings up why didn't they do that with Kaysar/Cappy...the vote was so lopsided there that they never would have gotten away with it.]

Not to be left out of the let's be dysfunctional game, Jen went sort of crazy yesterday.  I didn't catch what set her off (someone called her fat, maybe?), but she jumped on the treadmill and ran for a loooooong time while the rest of them ate dinner.  They all complained about how she was being anti-social, and then moved on to being "concerned" that she was being unhealthy.  when she finally stopped running, she went and donned another way too small bikini, just in time to stick her ass in the ST camera.  (Maybe if she feels fat, it's b/c she's trying to fit into clothes that are 5 sizes to small for her?)  And while we're on the subject of ST, last night Producers' Pet came right out and said "9-12 should be party time to entertain the Showtime viewers."  On the plus side, apparently they told Joe that he can't tell his stories anymore b/c they're copyrighted...he tried to claim he made them up, but that's obviously a lie.  At least we don't have to listen to his recitations anymore.

Theoretically, we could get some Tuesday night waffling today, though we seem to have been down that path already.  Also, it would require them to figure out that they're voting tomorrow, and since last night some were discussing if the HOH comp. might be on Wednesday, don't count on cluefulness here.  One person even pointed out that the comp can't be before the eviction b/c what if the person who gets evicted wins?  The response was something about "well obviously they can't win."  I had to wonder if these people ever even watched the show.  The best explanation I can come up with, that doesn't make them complete idiots, is that they think they'll vote, the producers will know who's going, and they'll stage the competition w/o that person.  You sort can't blame them since their last "live" show was pre-taped, so maybe they'll catch on after Thursday that live now means live.  But still, haven't they ever seen the show

The only thing better than some dramatic waffling would be an actual switch-up of the vote.  But it's pretty clear that Carol's going.  Which is too bad.  She's not terribly exciting, but she's not nearly as annoying as Amber, and much nicer to look at.  And if there really was supposed to be some sort of un-twist, we'll have yet another BB twist collapsing before it can even get started.

Sorry, no caps right now.  Maybe later. 

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