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america's lamer

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posted Monday, 9 July 2007

From what I saw, yesterday on the feeds was just same stuff, different day.  They had the veto ceremony, and it sounds like Daniele was a good company girl and made a speech that built some suspense as to whether she was going to use the veto, but in the end of course didn't use it.  Carol's still campaigning, and some of them seem to be waffling a bit, but mostly it looks like she's still going to go.  She can't seem to get away from that first impression of wanting to go, and even though Kail seems to be getting a clue that Amber has much stronger alliances and might be a better choice to go, her boys aren't buying it.  At least that's what they're saying.

So, on to Sunday's show.  One of the more interesting non-live shows since everything covered happened before the feeds started, so it was all new even though we knew what was going to happen.  I'm pretty convinced now that there is an un-twist (©me) where the frenemies get something for getting to the end together.  If that's true, it raises the obvious question of whether they all know that each pair is "secretly working together" or think they're the only one (a la season 6 where each pair was told they were the only pair).  They'd be pretty stupid to think they were the only ones with the un-twist, so maybe there's a retwisting where the pairs get some benefit from helping other pairs stay together.  If that's the case then a.) Dick's either totally bullshiting Amber, or not going along with the re-twist (ditto for Dustin, come to think of it), and b.) it would explain Carol's "I know something you don't know" attitude.  Then again, maybe I'm wrong.  The biggest suggestion of un-twisting was Dick's "you and I to F2" comment to Dani, but that could just be a "we're family so we'll stick together" thing.  If there are no further twists, untwists, or retwists, the frenemies twist is the lamest ever...even worse than the exes, b/c it's basically the same thing so it's not even original.

The food comp was...interesting? gross?  The first food comp does seem to usually be a "get something disgusting all over you" theme.  And later on they'll have a "eat a lot something disgusting" theme (Daniele better hope for HOH that week, or she'll be useless).  It was interesting seeing the alternate explanation for Jen's "don't touch me" thing.  The "dirty old man" explanation makes a lot more sense than the "don't put your cancer hands on me" one.  And speaking of Jen, her crying over her picture was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen.  And especially in her DR session, the crying was obviously fake (and badly acted at that).  Maybe the DR was 2 days later, and they asked her to "recall" her any case, faked or's a ladder....

And here's to you, Mrs. thing we know for sure: Dick is totally on to Kail and her boys (though he doesn't seem 100% certain of who they all are).  He and Daniele also seem the closest to figuring out that there's something odd with Eric.  Unless DR tells them, I can't see how they'd figure out exactly what the deal is...more likely they'll think he's a producers' plant (which he kinda is....but then they all kinda are).  The whole Mrs. Robinson alliance name is weird anyway...has Kail seen the movie?  Is that really what the nice, conservative, Christian, Republican married mom from Colorado wants to imply about her relationship with the 3 beefcake boys?  I can't believe she came up with it on her own (IIRC the show implied she said it first), maybe the guys did, but more likely DR suggested it.  Or Dick said it first and DR passed it along.

The nominations, as usual were uninteresting.  Jessica's over the top glee at Carol's nom was just another clue to me pointing toward the untwist.  And Amber's thing about "how could she do that?  we're both moms!" was just stupid.  But that, along with her hammock story about her family is just a hint of things to come about how she's doing it for her daughter; she really needs the money; she's there for her family...blah, blah, blah.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: no one deserves to win a reality show.

And then, of course, there was the moment we'd been waiting for...what do we get to do with Eric the Tool?  I didn't figure they'd give us control over his vote at this point, but I expected something game related.  Telling a sob story to someone?  WTF?  First place, what the hell is the point of that gamewise, second place, he talks too much as it is (and is really annoying), and third, that's not even difficult!  These were supposed to be tasks he had to work to accomplish.  Basically we're getting him a fifth of the way to $10K for talking to someone?  How could he not manage to do that?  Unless America picks Carol and she gets evicted before he gets around to talking to her.  I don't see the point in it at all, though I voted (online, no way I'm paying for this) for Daniele, since he's been so nasty to and about her that having to pour his heart out could be awkward, and she might not want to listen.  Whatever.  If all the America's Tool choices are this lame, I say we definitely disown him.

America's Tool

I didn't bother with the feeds much last night, but I did check in a few times.  And I sort of have to apologize to BB for saying they never make them do anything on the feeds except during the ST show....we got the "all 14 around the table" shot for the year.  I swear they make them do this at some point, b/c we get one every year.  Usually the group dinners are the post-liveshow catered ones, but you can't get all 14 once one's been booted.  So here you go, probably last shot of all together, unless we get a pre-show shot of the living room on Thursday. 

happy family

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