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it's showtime

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posted Sunday, 8 July 2007

Yesterday on the feeds was like watching paint dry.  BB woke them up before 9 AM, so there were suspicions about an upcoming ceremony or something.  Turns out they were either just torturing them, or needed everyone to do lots of DR as they finished up production on Sunday's show.  

The only thing resembling game talk was that Carol seems to have been boosted by the prods to campaign.  She said several times that "they" told her to start fighting, that she was a fanfav and that she knew "other things" she couldn't say, including (apparently she could say) that the slop ppl were going to be off soon.  Whether it's for real or not, there seems to be a lot of waffling going on and it doesn't look like such a sure thing that Carol's going on Thursday.

campaign girl

Then Evel Dick started a debate about God/the Bible/religion with Jameka/Carol and we got a tiny bit of drama with that, but nothing too momentous.  Most of the day they just lay around and baked themselves. The most  exciting thing that happened for most of the day was a bat flying around the backyard.  (the 3rd cap is them looking at a banner plane...that turned out to be a movie ad) snore....

fried hamsters    checkin out dani    it's a bird

But then 9PM BBT rolled around and the show was on.  We had more "dates" and a fair amount of Carol campaigning.  Some alliance talk from the now confirmed Kail/Zach/Mike/maybe-Nick alliance.  Lots of Eric bitching about everyone and everything.  They're clearly putting on a Show for BBAD.  Which wouldn't bother me so much if a.) they were better actors, and b.) they'd distribute the entertainment more throughout the day.  I don't mind having a little non-reality in my reality TV.  If I wanted real reality, I don't need TV to find it.  Reality is boring...everyone gets little bits of drama from time to time, but not enough to entertain every day, all day for 3 months.  The producers know what we want, and they seem happy to give it to the TV audiences, so why not spread it around a bit?  Dr. Will was right--he did a great job of producing from the inside last year.

alliance    dance campaign    eric crashes a date

Then at midnight, slop was over and they got a ton of food.  They did seem to have fun tearing into it.  Even Daniele ate a bit (though she did say something "jokingly" about throwing it up later).  Jameka was so excited for food that she took a chunk out of her own cheek. And it seems the night was sponsored by Corona.  Who knew it came in cans?  I guess they can't have bottles b/c of the danger (kind of like how they can't have knives).


And then Eric, who had been blaming his bitchiness on slop, marched up to HOH and whined to Kail, and then later to Jen.  So, I guess food doesn't really help his disposition.  And then he started using language that makes me want to deport him as "America's Player."   I have no issue with the swearing (though he does seem to over indulge), but there are certain words that are so offensive to certain groups of people, that there's no excuse. Okay, enough preaching from me for today.  

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