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posted Saturday, 7 July 2007

Turned out to be a smart move that the hamsters burrowed in early Thursday night.  BB woke them up around 10 for a noon-ish veto comp.  Dick got the worst of it, having just gone to bed around 7:30.  But since he wasn't eligible to compete, it didn't really matter.  The comp lasted for hours, and the non-participants spent the whole time locked down in HOH.  Before the comp Amber tells Kail she won't use the veto if she gets it...out of "respect" for Kail's nominations.  Eh?  Marcellas?  What the heck game do these people think they're playing?

Too bad we didn't get to watch HOH lockdown b/c apparently there was a fight btwn Dick and Jen, and maybe Joe and Jen.  Everyone was talking later about the D/J fight (which seems to go back to a comment she made during the food comp about how he'd "better not touch her" b/c he's a smoker).  Only Joe talked about his "fight" with Jen...sounds more like he just made a comment to back up Dick and then got pissed b/c Jen was being annoying when he was trying to sleep.  But we got none of that; the feeds did come back to the lockdown eventually, but just for a really boring game of 20-questions.

hoh lockdown

I spent much of the veto comp blocking trivia time trying to get my computer set up for video caps.  The trivia, btw, was recycled from last year.  They couldn't even bother to change the backdrop, so it's still that orangy flame stuff.  I'd memorized it all last year, but it is handy for figuring out how out of sync the feeds are w/each other.  Anyway, my efforts did not go well.  Apparently my sound card really sucks, and in the process of trying to make it work for the vids, I managed to completely cut out my sound.  Of course, just in time for the feeds to come back on.  Fixed that, but then managed to blow away a bunch of my screen caps from the morning (don't ask), I've decided to stop messing with stuff (which will probably last until the next extended feed outage).

Apparently the veto comp included some slop passes for one meal, so we come back to a pizza party in the BY.  They haven't figured out to have the winner wear the veto for a while for our benefit, so it took a while to realize that Daniele won it.  It seems to have perked her up a little bit.  She told stories of the comp--they each had to hide a veto symbol in the house, then take turns hunting for them; whoever's was the last hidden won.  This resulted in a "totally trashed" house.  Though for totally trashed, it didn't take long for the 14 of them to clean up.  Some people were ticked that their stuff got rooted through... apparently they were under the delusion that they had some measure of privacy.


Back to the BY, we got a lot of Daniele not eating...I'll stay off my soapbox as much as possible, but if there was any doubt about her eating disorder, seeing her chew little bits of pizza, and then spit them out in a napkin (she admitted doing it, blamed it on not eating for days) confirmed it.  But, whatever.  BB is supposed to make sure they are in "excellent physical and mental health," but I guess getting the skinny girl is more important than health.  Then there was some snipeing about who had it worse for the 5 hour comp: the HOH lockdown crew, or the sit in the hot sun, run around the house searching for the veto crew.  Oh well.  Too bad, so sad.  You all agreed to this.  Jen didn't like Nick hanging around Daniele, so she came over to spend time w/the one guy who wasn't in HOH with her (where she was the only chick...surely loving it). But Nick doesn't seem interested, and remains focused on Dani.

dani veto    Jen stalks

No one seems to say boo to Daniele about the veto.  Kail does come sit next to her and congratulates her, but it goes nowhere.  Carol sulks.  Amber finally starts chatting with Dani, but it quickly turns personal...Amber talks about how great she thinks Dick is, Daniele gives a bit of her side of the details, just that she grew up with her grandparents and her dad wasn't "there for [her]."  Talks about emotional pain, etc.  Dick later tells a consistent story about how he signed away his parental rights to his parents, and his kids lived with them.  He also talks about how conservative and religious his parents are, at least his mom who is an ordained minister. Dani also later tells almost a verbatim tale of what she said to Amber to Nick.  Nick says "I like your dad" and Daniele replies "well, he's not your dad."  It seems legit to me.  Just the way they talk sound a lot like real people I've known who had similar issues.  Carol and Jessica seem so indifferent to each other, and Dustin and Joe seem to have secret buddy talks while protesting so strongly to others, that it wouldn't shock me to get the un-twist that they're working together.  But either Daniele's a pretty good actress, or there really are some issues there.  Doesn't mean there's not an un-twist all the same.

Later on Dani assures Kail that she won't use the veto.  From this conversation, we get the most bizarre comment from Kail.  After saying she's glad she doesn't have to pick a repl-nom she says she can't wait for next week when someone else is HOH and she can "mingle" with the rest of them.  Huh?  Is she somehow under the impression that she's a prisoner in the HOH room?  It would explain why we never see her.

We move on to the Showtime show seems BB told them not to go to bed before midnight.  Jen was supposed to have a "hammock date" w/Eric, but as soon as she mentioned dressing up for it, he declared it was too much trouble.  Mike quickly jumped in.  They hammocked, then hot tubbed, then chessed, and had dinner.  I avoided them as much as possible.  Jen seems to have quickly risen to the "we all hate her" position.  Kail doesn't get it, and Mike seems to like her, but everyone else is trying to get her out.  She annoys me too, but we don't want to get rid of all the dramatic people.  Daniele and Nick also have a hammock date, which then turns into Zach and Nick having a hammock date.  Nick continues to be the not-quite-straight straight guy.

queer eye

Carol turns back into "I wanna go home" girl.  She whines and complains, and talks about how she's going to have words with the DR.  Then she starts complaining about how the cameras follow her everywhere, stalking her, trying to get to her...and it's working.  She tries to hide from them a bit.  She's not doing much to convince people to keep her.  If this continues, it's gonna be a loooooong week.  The HGs think so too; they're starting to speculate that it's a double-eviction week, thinking someone leaves Sunday, then they do a fast-forward week and have a second eviction on Thursday.  They're delusional, of course, but you can see why they can't figure out what they're going to do for the next 5 days.

she's done

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