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and so it begins...

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posted Friday, 6 July 2007

I have an extraordinary amount to say about BB already...I'll hope that's b/c they've been in the house for 5-6 days...otherwise I have no idea how I'll find the time to keep the blog updated.

Anyway, first, on the show.  The premiere is only exciting b/c it's the premiere.  The little staged "getting their key; have an hour to pack" and "I'm so-and-so and I'm going to do such-and-such to the other houseguests" are a bit of a waste.  The first DRs and the "getting to know each other" time is okay. 

And the twist?  Not so twisty.  It was clear to me that Dick and Daniele knew what was going on.  Probably the other pairs as well.  Later on we see on the feeds that someone said something to Joe pre-show that was clear to him that they thought he was he knew.  And Carol and Jessica didn't seem totally shocked, plus their "issues" don't seem too serious.  Carol owes Jess $5 from 7th grade?  You've got to be kidding me.  If she's's a ladder, get over yourself....   Maybe the real twist is that the "enemies" are actually "friends"?  Who cares? I'm over it already. 

I think it's kind of lame that they held the "reveal" until the end and had to therefore keep the 3 out of HOH and out of nomination reach (I suppose they had to say they couldn't be nom'd since they couldn't play HOH...and now it seems they can't play POV, but they will get to vote for the that fair?)  Daniele crying in the bathroom was a made-for-TV end to the show, but not terribly convincing.  Nor was her "why I said I was 21" story.  I'm sure the producers told her she had to tell the other HGs she was, or they might be suspicious.  And I guess I give them credit for being honest with the audience...when she first said it, I figured they were going to try to fake it with us too. 

The other totally bizarre thing about the show was Julie mentioning Dr. Will.  Maybe to show she was over sweetheart-gate?  Maybe they finally made him a producer?  I actually started to suspect Jen was going to be AP (since she's allegedly been "coached" by Chilltown, i.e. Will) and that Will was actually going to be involved in the AP stuff.  So, note to producers:  we love Will, we love Janie...and many more of them.  But AllStars is over.  Move on.



And then the real fun begins when the feeds kick in.  We east-coasters had to hang out until midnight for 9PM BBT.  And then we come in to a house in full swing.  We immediately find that Carol and Amber have been nominated.  Apparently Kail went with "who did worst in HOH."  Seems dumb, but then the first nominations are totally random.  So far Kail seems to be pretty much hiding in HOH and not really engaging with the rest of them.  And, so far, I really dislike her.




Moments in, I caught an 'oops' where we seemed to get a control room shot of a whole bunch of cams on F1.  Poor quality quad-shot, but whatever.  We also had our first "flames" for singing, which this year is some sort of water tunnel at about 5 minutes into the livefeeds.  They seem to have been well lectured about not singing and why.  And Eric, the Producers' Pawn, explained to them all that we feeders get annoyed when they have to cut away.  At this point most of the HGs seemed to actually not want to piss us off, but I'm sure that will change.


The first thing that struck me was how much gameplay was going on.  I'm wondering if the prods told them to be interesting for the first night of Showtime.  We got lots of swearing, lots of bikinis (no nudity), and lots of game talk. Both nominees are campaigning hard, even though, as only Dick has the sense to point out, it's all irrelevant until after POV.

amber    carol

They both claim they "love" each other and don't want to campaign against the other, but I'm not buying it.  But they make nice all the same.  Promising if one gets POV she'll vote to keep the other no matter who the replacement nom is.


Certain people are trying to create an alliance of "the six" one's really saying "no" but no one seems too into it either.  The prods really should have given them some motivation to work together (like a bonus if you get to the end with your frenemy, though if the rest of the house knew that they'd be targets...I can't remember if the ex-factor people had a motivation like that). Carol and Jessica really have no issue with each other it seems, but Jess is still playing up the "I want her out" angle.

There's a Zach and Amber, and a Dick and Amber thing for sure, maybe all 3 together.  Dustin seems to be trying to latch on to that as well. Dick holds a long hammock session that's almost all game talk.  Jen spies on the HOH cam.  She seems to be in bed (literally and figuratively) w/Kail.  We'll see where she's sleeping next week.  She actually did pull out an Erika-esque line of I'll vote out whomever the HOH/the house wants.

quad game 

Carol apparently did a "I want to go home" thing for a while (after being nominated?).  She's now trying to back off that but some people are holding it against her.  And Carol gave us/Dustin a sob story about how she backed out of being a KC Chiefs cheerleader to do BB, and it would really suck if she got evicted week one after turning down that opportunity.

Jen apparently can't find a bath suit that fits her.  Good TV for Showtime; and led to a comment from Dick about her wearing a 10 year old's suit.




We also have our eating-disorder girl of the season.  Apparently she's on slop, and said she was hungry.  Doesn't look like she eats much, ever.   Though none of them seem to eat much so far.  It's not totally clear who's on slop (seems to have been a team comp with half on slop, half not).  Jameka cooked some slop concoction, and Jessica seems to be on it as well.  But there's been almost no complaining about it.


Nick said his Dad thought he was gay for a long time b/c he hadn't had a g/f, and once gave a guy a, okay, now we all think you're gay/bi.  I should say, I didn't hear this myself, but I've read it more than place.  But maybe he was joking.  Though, he does set off a the gaydar a bit.  Especially now that he has his nails painted pink (supposedly to keep him from biting them). 

pink nails

I like Dick way more than I expected.  He's playing the game as much as anyone, maybe a bit too much.  He's already "caught Eric in a lie" and I'll bet he's the first to figure out there's something up.  He's building a team, and he seems to have most of them figured out.  He's also our only night owl so far...the rest of them went to bed around midnight BBT (and so did I).  Dick was just climbing into bed when I came back about 8 hours later.  Apparently he roamed around talking to himself, etc. and at one point broke down crying about Daniele.  Who knows if that was real, but it definitely got him TV time. 

They seem to have completely changed the layout of the HOH bathroom.

hoh bath

So we're off to a running start.  A few of my favorite lines so far:

Dick (about what his Chinese tattoo says):  It's supposed to say "sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" but for all I know it says "I suck big dick."

Eric (about everyone going to bed early):  People who bought the livefeeds are probably thinking they wasted their money. 

A couple parting comments from me for the day.  First, I highly doubt I'll be able to put this much into my posts every day, or even close, but who knows... Second, to give some advertising to someone else....I bought BBreloader and in the first 5 minutes it was totally worth the $4.95....wish I'd bought it last year.  And finally....

bb8 kitchen    bb7 kitchen

Deja vu all over again anyone? 

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