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and the countdown begins

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posted Tuesday, 5 June 2007

8 PM, July 5 is the premiere of Big Brother 8.  So, we've started the "official" mystic-gemini countdown.  The blog-city widget will only countdown to 12AM GMT on a given day, but conveniently enough for me, that makes a countdown to 8PM eastern time quite doable.  There's not a whole lot of news and rumours out there yet about BB8.  We know there will be a BB8, it will be "14 (or 12, depending on your source) strangers" (which hopefully means no stupid exes/partners/siblings twists), but that's about it.  No idea if it will be the same house (presumably w/new decor no matter what), what the theme, if any, might be.  I'm not even sure of the end date.  There are new exec producers this year, for whatever that's worth.

But I'm starting to get excited.  I had to stay up late into the night one day last week working on something for my "real" job.  It was a lot of hurry-up-and-wait type work, so while I was waiting, I started going through various youtube BB videos.  That definitely got me in the mood for BB8.  Since I'm in this from day 1 this year, I'm already thinking about how I want to do certain things.  My gut instinct is to aim for one blog entry per day, using Day # in the title, if not as the title.  Saves me having to come up with a creative name each day, though I usually don't have much trouble with that.  Plus, some of my titles seem to capture readers' attention.  Not to mention search engines' attention.

Then there's the screen shot question.  I'm definitely planning on screen shooting again, that was a lot of fun for me last year, plus it's given me a great record.  I took my shots from the re-feeds, so I knew when good stuff was coming, I knew who was leaving at each eviction, and I didn't get distracted by actually watching/listening.  And the other question is whether I'm going to try to post daily pics, or wait just do a few pic pages like I did last year.  Or something.

Mostly at this point, I'm just getting prepared.  Getting the "viewing area" around my computer set up to be comfortable, thinking about how I'm going to fit the rest of my life in with the BB schedule, etc.  Last summer there wasn't much going on at my real job, so I could spend a lot of time on BB.  This summer I have a few major projects underway, so I'm just going to have to hope for downtime.  And hope I can make it on no sleep.  Unless I just quit my job, sleep has to go.  There's only so much time in a day, and I'm not giving up my addiction. 

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