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I seem to have spoken too soon

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posted Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Turns out there are some BB8 rumours out there.

Also turns out that the # of HGs is 12.  At least in the CBS commercial there are 12 empty picture frames.

There is one rumour that the theme of the season is going to be high school bullies vs. victims.  It seems that everyone who thinks for a living is against this idea.  And I'd like to add my voice to the objections.  First place, I'm strongly in favor of 12 strangers.  No teams, no secret alliances, etc.  Second place, I really don't want to see the high school drama played out on BB.  The one hopeful point is that the same casting agency that casts BB is casting "High School Reunion" and it is not unheard of to take someone who auditioned for one show gets cast on another.  The point being that asking questions about one's high school bully might not mean anything to BB (God, I hope).

It's always struck me as strange when they end up with something like exes, or the Cowboy/Nakomis thing.  Especially with Season 4.  What are the chances that all those people auditioned?  They would have had to seek them out and ask them to come on the show and determine that they'd make good houseguests (or not, which might be why S4 sucked so bad).  When it's just the one person like with CB and Nak. it's not quite as bizarre that someone would be solicited and come on the show.  And when the pair knows they're a pair (the twins, or the S6 teams), again it's not hard to believe.  But imagine some casting agent called you up and asked you to go on a reality show.  Wouldn't you be suspicious that there was some reason they wanted you?

Another bizarre rumour has to do with Will and Janelle coming back and being some sort of house "mom and dad."  Now, as much as I love them, that's stupid.  And I really don't want another summer of Will whining.  I also read something about Janelle hosting HouseCalls.  Since I rarely watch HCs I'm not sure I care.  I'm also not convinced she'd make as good a host as she did a hamster.  We enjoyed watching her live her life, we don't necessarily need to see her just reading a script or whatever.

The other odd twist is that the schedule for the air shows is changing.  The premiere is on a Thursday, but after that the shows are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Presumably the live evictions will now be on Wednesday.  That's going to make the house schedule interesting.  My guess is:

  • [Live Voting]/eviction/HOH Wednesday
  • Food comp/Luxuries  Thursday
  • Nominations Friday
  • POV comp Saturday
  • Nothing Sunday
  • POV ceremony Monday
  • Nothing/campaigning/[Early voting] Tuesday.  
  • Lather rinse repeat.
So the Sunday show will cover everything up to POV, Tuesday POV, and Wednesday live show.  Okay, maybe that's not so bad.  It will actually maybe make the feeds more interesting without that long stretch of nothing on Tues. and Wed. that we've had before.  And they can do the food comp. etc. Thursday, give the HOH a bit more time to think about noms and then do them on Friday.

Well, whatever.  Hopefully it will all work out.  Or, if not, at least I'll get my summers back. 

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