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mysti says...relax

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posted Friday, 8 June 2007

I'm already getting way to stressed out over BB and it hasn't even started yet.  I'm worrying about how I'm going to handle the schedule, if they're changing the live eviction day.  I'm worrying about if it's going to be a stupid theme.

So, how am I going to deal with this?  The same way I deal with anything that's on my mind.  I'll blog about it.  And specifically, I'll come up with my very own Big Brother Survival Guide.  I started out with a whole list of things, but realized, at the end of the day (©Will Kirby), it all boils down to one rule:

It's just a reality show.  It really doesn't matter at all, and if you're not having fun....stop watching.

I will also say, pick out your favorite BB update, discussion and commentary sites to follow for the summer.  There are so many out there that no one could possibly keep up with them all.  And they all have slightly different takes on things; some are kind of mean, some try to be totally objective, some are brief, and some are intensely active.

I do have a new thought on the potential "high school bully" theme/twist.  Maybe, just maybe, if they're doing that, they're casting people who were bullies or were bullied in high school, but still have them all be strangers.  So, they have some pathologies in common, but none of them know each other.  One can only hope.

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