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so, what do we know?

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posted Sunday, 10 June 2007

What we know seems to be that rumours are not necessarily true. 

We know that the BB schedule is still Sun/Tue/Thurs, the only difference from last year being that Tuesday's show is now at 9, not 8.  But the live show is still on Thursdays, Pirate Master is being moved, and all my trying to guess the "new" schedule was a complete waste of time.

We know that the live feeds will be back, but this year there's a new "twist."  There will be a nightly Showtime broadcast of "a live feed" from 12-3AM.  I presume that's 12-3AM EDT, meaning 9PM-midnight BBT.  Because, while 12-3AM BBT may be interesting, it's also possible that the hamsters will be sleeping.  My big thing is that I hope they're not going to block the live feeds during the ST broadcast.  That would seem stupid, but you never know.  Assuming they're not doing that, there's no reason for a live feeder to care about Showtime.  However, it might draw people who don't want to pay for the feeds into subscribing to Showtime.  And if you've already got it, then, bonus. I suppose it's also possible that they'll have a special Showtime feed that will be different from all the Real live feeds.  Again, that would seem stupid b/c no one can watch both at the same time.  If they're smart, they're looking at it as a way to get more live feeders.  B/C what would really suck is if things are just getting interesting as the ST broadcast is ending, and....too bad, so sad.  

Read all about it, in a collection of CBS press releases at the futon critic

Note the line "incorporate clips into their blogs, wikis, widgets and community pages."  That sounds like an endorsement to me for screen caps, youtube posts, etc.  Which proves that the PTB at CBS aren't stupid.  All the BB sites are really just bringing them more viewers/customers.  So, I'm going to take that also as a sign that they aren't going to do something stupid with the live feeds during the ST broadcasts.

And, finally, we know:

23 days 21 hours 1 minute until BB8!

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