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tool time

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posted Friday, 10 August 2007

>sigh<  Where to begin?

The DR flipped the vote, and kept their $0.99/txtmsg boy.  I'm so sick of this farce of a twist.  More on that later.

I am re-dubbing the Nerd Herd 2, the Critter Herd:

  • Amber (aka, Whaamber) = Possum (I didn't start that one)
  • Dustin (aka, Dusting, Dustbin, etc. and Princess) = Snake
  • Jameka (aka God's Tool) = Scorpion
  • Jessica (aka, Ray of Sunshine, Princess II) = Guinea Pig (b/c they're cute and lovable, but hang out with rodents)
  • Eric (aka, Tool) = Weasel 

I think Dick/Daniele/Jen had an inkling they were going to be on the short end of that stick.  And Kail's probably fine with going home to her family.  But now we're stuck with the 2-faced critter herd.  It's not looking good for the rest of them.  Immediately after the eviction, Dick called them all liars and Dustin tried to claim that he had voted Eric out.  Puh-leeze, princess.  Does he think we are that stupid?  If it was supposed to impress anyone in the house, it would be Zach.  Dustbin would want his own alliance to know he's with them, Dick and Daniele obviously aren't going to believe him/don't care.  Jen doesn't care.  Maybe Zach's supposed to now believe that he really "can't trust the Donatos."  I can't imagine he's impressed.

They played an odd HOH comp.  Sort of an eliminator where 2 people vie over a question, the winner picks the next 2.  So, clearly the idea is to force people who are aligned to go against each other, knowing one will be out.  Julie flubbed once and gave an answer to Eric, that he would have gotten anyway, by calling him "Nick."  But she caught it right away, apologized, and asked a new question.  As usual, no one was after Jessica, so she was one of the last 2, and got a question about Carol, so she won.   *groan*  I have nothing against Jessica, but now the stupid Tool is walking around as if he owns the place.  He kind of does, and so far Jessica seems to be letting him run things.  Though, she's not saying a whole lot, so maybe there's hope for the Ray of Sunshine yet.

The edits on the show were fascinating.  CBS had already issued a press releasing condemning Amber's hate speech, and saying it would not be part of any broadcast.  But they did air her fake pregnancies comments, and confessions of being a drug addict.  They also showed her "I swear on my daughter's life" along with a pic of her with her girl, making her seem as if she at least sticks to her word.  They didn't air Dustbin's swearing on his family, which he didn't stick to.  We got Eric's "Amber Alert" threat that Dick heard (just in case anyone thought Dick was making it up).  And a good part of Amber going off on Tool.  He didn't come off too well, but the fact is that Amber is more hated, so everything seems to slide off the Tefelon Tool.

Dick confronted Jameka on her lies right after HOH.  Later on she went off on him.  She brought his family in to it, not only Daniele who is arguably fair game, but for some reason, his mother.  Huh?!  I haven't seen the video yet, just read the updates, but apparently Jameka started calling his mother (the minister) a bitch.  Don't know where that came from.  Or what it has to do with anything.  And it's hardly going to help her cause.  Then Amber and Jameka suggested that Dick commit suicide.  He's made similar suggestions to other HGs, so I'm not going to fault them for that one.

Dick is saying he's resigned to his fate.  He is convinced he and Daniele are going on the block, and he wants her to stay.  Even if she gets vetoed, he'll be up against probably Zach, and figures he'll lose just the same.  I'm still hoping for a miracle.  Best case scenario that I can see is that Jess nominates either Dick or Daniele, and anyone else.  Then the D who is not nominated wins veto and takes the other off.  Actual best, best case scenario is that Tool succeeds in his task and gets Dustbin on the block and he somehow goes home.  But even I don't believe in those kind of miracles.  I think there are only 2 ways the Ds pull this off--1.) Tool gets Jess to put up Dustbin as "a pawn" or 2.) the prods mess with the game further and introduce some twist that saves them.  And if the prods are smart, they'll do that.  Keeping Dick and Daniele around, or at minimum Dick, has got to be better for ratings than anything.  They intervened to save the Tool, and he is probably better for ratings than Kail.  But CBS also has a direct financial stake in keeping him.  While better ratings do help them financially to a certain extent, it's not quite like collecting those text message fees.

I've been saying it for a while--if Dick goes, the show is over.  We're left with Daniele, who would go next, Zach, who is slightly less interesting than Mike was, Jen, who can be mildly entertaining, but what's she going to do without Dick to be her foil, and the Drip Herd.  Jessica is still kinda cute on her own, but she's never free of either Dustbin or Tool, often with a side of Amber and/or Ja-hypocrite-ameka.  And it's not just me.  Looking at the CBS poll, Dick, Daniele, Jen and Eric by far the most popular hamsters.   And I'm convinced the reason a lot of people like Eric is b/c they think he's "working for us."  Which brings me to my rant of the day....

Tool is not "working for America"...he's working for himself.  He's doing what he's told when he can/wants to/or has to in order to get those $10K checks.  And just like the rest of them, his ultimate goal is the big prize.  He's supposed to make a "sincere effort" or something like that on each task.  But do we really think he's going to try to get Dustbin nominated this week?  No way.  Not only would it be difficult to convince Jess, it's not what Tool really wants.  And if he tries too hard, she's going to get suspicious.  He didn't really "get" Jen nominated the last few weeks--she was going up anyway.  And same for the "get so and so evicted."  Carol and Joe were going anyway.  The first "Kick Kail" week, he seemed to be trying, but it didn't really matter to him if Mike went or not.  But the second "Kick Kail" was not what he wanted, and he hardly tried.  He told Jessica he "fucking hates Kail?"  Big deal.  He still wanted Nick out and Nick was Kicked. 

And as for the stupid "mid-week" tasks (mustard-gate, bed-hopping, etc.), they're just that, stupid.  They don't have a lot to do with the game.  There are 3 major aspects to BB: competition, strategy and relationships.  We can't really do much to influence Eric in competitions except maybe veto comps (which may be why BB has made sure he's never played in one).  We could tell him to not throw HOH, but we can't make him a better competitor.  Now, with veto we could tell him whether to try or not, and if he won it whether to use it and on whom (though even if Eric ever wins veto we won't get that chance b/c it doesn't line up with the air show timeline.  I suppose once we get to 6HGs, or he's HOH, at the end of a Sunday show we could get "if Eric wins the veto, which nomination do you want him to veto?" including "neither" as an option.  And if he's HOH, and a nom gets vetoed, do we get to pick the replacement?  Again, it would have to be asked before TV viewers knew the outcome of the veto comp.  They *could* change the format of the shows, but that seems a bit much.  And we're not really telling him what strategy to use.  The only thing that's come close is "who to promise F2 to" and again, he was doing that anyway.  We tell him who to vote to evict, but not why.  We haven't told him who to form alliances with or anything.  And ditto for personal relationships.  We haven't told him who to talk to or anything.

I still say Tool should know the popularity ratings of the HGs (I haven't decided whether I think he  should know his own).  If he's really representing America, he should know that Dick, Daniele and Jen are super-popular, and Whaaamber and Dustbin are hated. America would rather see him aligned with Dick, Daniele, Jen and Jessica than with Dustin, Amber, Jameka, and Jessica.  He should be getting that clue from the fact that we're telling him to get Dustbin nominated, but I doubt he is.  Because remember, we keep telling him to get Jen nominated, even though she's popular (go figure that one out). 

That's all for now, mostly b/c I'm tired of typing, not b/c I don't have more to say.  I'll have some screen caps posted later.  I can't stand to listen to the CH, but I can still cap them.  And I don't care if I make them look bad.  For most of last night, I was either listening to Dick, Daniele and Jen or had the feeds muted.  And I eventually got tired of listening to Daniele whine and cry, so I gave up completely.  I also find it ironic that from Day 1 I found Jessica's voice the most annoying, but now she's the only member of the herd I can even stand to hear for more than about 30 seconds. 

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