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so far, not so much

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posted Saturday, 11 August 2007

Jessica nominated Dick and Daniele, as expected.  I wish at some point we'd get a surprise nomination. This is getting boring.  In other news, the Tool has been tooling around trying to get Dustin nominated.  I have to say, he does seem to be making a sincere effort.  At this point, even Dustbin himself has offered to be a "pawn" if Dick or Dani gets vetoed.

If that happens, America will surely vote that Tool evict Dustbin.  If we also get Daniele (I'm assuming if anyone comes off the block, it will be her b/c even if Dick wins the veto, he'll save her), Jen and Zach to vote out Queen Dustin, that will be so good for the game.  The power distribution will be more even.  The mystery vote intrigue will be back.  We'll still have the most entertaining HGs.  And I'll owe the Tool (and CBS) something of an apology--the twist will be working.

I guess Daniele didn't get word of the "Critter Herd" alliance name, and she came up with her own last night: the Royal Court Alliance (RCA) with Queen Dustin, Princess Jessica, Court Jester Eric, etc.  We'll see if it sticks.

The veto is to be played soon.  Dick started out the day on a roll.  As soon as BB had given them their wake up call, he went crazy banging on pots and pans, yelling and ranting in his unique Dick way, and doing anything else he could think of to throw people off their game for veto, and convince them they want him, not Daniele, to go home.  He doesn't know that it's "backfired" and now they're thinking Daniele should go just to piss him off (plus she's the "better player").  But it only increases the chances of Plan Pawn Dustin.  If either Dick or Daniele comes down, Jessica won't won't to nominate Zach or Jen for two reasons.  First, she doesn't need "another enemy" and second, she'll want to ensure that the remaining Donato goes home.  Perfect for us.  And for Dick.

They're all hiding in HOH to avoid the Wrath of ED.  We'll be back later, hopefully with happy veto results.

dust    dick bangs    hides

Dustbin tries to sleep, but Dick's banging forces a retreat.


Hiding in HOH, watching the spy screen.

tool    pawn

Potential Pawner and Pawn. 

dick at day

Dick talks us again.  Tells his plan, and says not to tell anyone.  Cute. 


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