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pot-banging pays off

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posted Monday, 13 August 2007

So, where were we?  Oh, right, the veto comp.  I don't know if the intimidation tactics worked, or it was just good comp. play, but Dick won the veto!  Yea!  If it were anyone else, this would, of course, guarantee his safety, but in this case, his fate is still up in the air.  Though he has been planting some seeds of doubt, and some people don't quite trust him anyway, it is a pretty sure thing that he will use the veto to save Daniele.  It's the right thing to do personally, and game-wise, and I believe he will be making BB history.  I'm almost positive that this will be the first time a veto winner who was on the block has vetoed the other nomination.

It also seems that as of early this morning the Princess Pawn Plan is still going forward.  Dustbin is still offering to go up as "a pawn" against Dick, though he doesn't want to go against Daniele if Dick vetoes his own nom.  If Dick does come off the block, it sounds like Jen will go up, but with the expectation that everyone will vote out Daniele.  I'm really, really hoping that PPP goes into effect, and that Tool can manage to get Dustin evicted.  I'm also sort of hoping that once Dick finds out he's up against Dustin, he works to convince Jen and Zach to vote to keep him, even if he thinks he'll still go.  At the very least he's going to want Dustin sweating the vote for the next 3 days.  It's still a long shot to keep Dick in the house, but I'm still hoping.  Jen and Zach both should realize that it's in their best interests.  If Dick goes, Daniele is the next target of the RCA, but after that, they're next.  And they will have no one to protect them.  If Dick stays D & D are still the RCA's targets, and vice versa.

It also sounds like Tool's latest task target ("silent treatment") is Jessica.  ARGH.  So stupid.  He needs to be able to talk to her to ensure that she pawns Dustbin.  It was a stupid task anyway.  People should have voted for Amber so she'd get all paranoid.  Well, I guess I can't complain b/c I didn't vote at all.  I've been boycotting the votes for the tasks I feel are just plain stupid.  Anyway, I hope he slides through this but manages to get his other tasks accomplished this week.

A quick review of Sunday's show.  I think what they showed of Dick vs. Jameka was pretty fair.  I'm glad they included her calling his mother a bitch, and portrayed how totally out of left field the comment was.  They left out all the stuff she said about Daniele, but that's kind of old news.  They're definitely showing that Jameka's not as pure and innocent as she might have people believe.

The food comp was kind of boring, though I loved the comment when they were all dressed in their "costumes" about how Dick was just wearing his regular clothes.  It was the first clue, for those who are paying attention, that this week is All About Dick...a possible sign that the prods are backing him.  Also, the way that Dick (and Daniele) handled the slop pass, giving it to Jen, etc. made them both look good.  After last week, I'm completely convinced that the show is totally fixed.  As annoyed as I was that they flipped things to keep Eric, in the end it probably was better for the show.  Kail really was boring.  And if things go the right way this week, America's vote will actually matter for the first time in the game.  And the longer Eric stays around, the more it will matter that we control his vote.  So, I'm going to say, as long as they are fixing things to keep it interesting, it's not so bad.  But after saving Eric last week, if they don't save Dick this week, it will be a disaster.  But if Dick stays and Dustin goes, the entire house will be thrown into chaos, and it has the potential to be fantastic. 

There wasn't much scurrying over nominations.  Tool's reaction to getting his task was very telling.  He really doesn't seem to think that he's supposed to be "working for America."  He was a bit annoyed that we're not "supporting [his] strategy."  How lucky for him that Dustin started offering himself as a pawn...wonder if that was another DR plant.

[Interesting note:  I just checked updates before posting this, and BB just woke them up and said the veto ceremony is in 90 minutes (which in BB time is 3 hours, but still).  That puts it somewhere around noon.  Which is way earlier than they usually have it.  Makes me wonder if they're not also happy with the current state of things, i.e. Dick vetoes Daniele, Jessica repl-noms Dustin, and want this done before anyone can change their mind.  Also helps Eric with his cold-shouldering Jessica.  Things that make you go hmmm.....

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