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we won't know until we know

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posted Wednesday, 8 August 2007

These people have flipped so many times that you'd think we were watching Who Wants to be a Circus Acrobat? rather than Big Brother.  First it looked like Tool was staying for sure.  Then I wake up this morning to find Dick sitting around with the biggest smile on his face that we've seen the entire game.  The NH2 are dancing in the bathroom.  It seems that Amber is so pissed at Eric's using her "secret" (can you really call it a secret if you announce it when you know you're every word is being broadcast to the Internet?) to slander her.  It was a pretty low blow by Tool, but remember, this is the guy who made fun of Dick's story of finding his best friend dead.

I say it every year: for the most part, these are not nice people.

But now Eric's been campaigning and it's sounding like there might have been some re-flipping.  Hard to say, but it seems this one is going to go down to the wire.  It's also a little hard to tell which one of them "won" AC and gets to be the target of Tool's incessant campaigning.  Because he's been pretty incessant with all of them.  About the only person that seems unlikely is Dick (who was my vote b/c I thought that would be funny). But the night is still young.

And we might flip again.    I just heard Dustin "swear" to Amber that Eric was going (and that Dust was voting him out).  I'm unclear what Amber's doing.  It sounds like she might be voting to keep Eric b/c of swearing on her daughter's life, but she really wants him gone and is counting on the rest of NH2 to get him out.  Amber said "if Eric stays, I'm done with this group."  Dust swears he wouldn't lie to her, but, he hedges, if there's a "wrong" vote it was Zach (I heard "Zach", others heard "Dick").  Could Dustin be learning from Daniele's theory of Eric and setting Zach up?  Perhaps....  One thing is for sure, this is the most suspenseful eviction race so far.

I'm going to keep an eye and an ear on things, but, really, we won't know until we know.

Campaign Photos


big smile     
Evel Dick is pretty happy.  But is he overconfident? 
still the king   follow the bunnie
  King Dusting still presides over his subjects.  Is he planning to royally screw them? And the bunny no one wants but everyone needs.


jess   jam prays
The Good Girls. 


The "Other" Pair. 



the pawn
The Pawn, but maybe not for long. 


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